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Video: Network Marketing Today: What’s wrong? Where is it headed? How can I win!?

November 2, 2010


Tweet I don’t very often like to “rant” or get too emotional on a video. Why? I don’t know… I just don’t feel that I communicate as well emotionally. However, it has been increasingly clear to me that the issues of unsuccessful distributors are very much highlighted in many events that have occurred in 2010. […]

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Nightmare Come True For eFusjon Distributors: Company Shuts Down MLM Compensation.

September 3, 2010


Tweet Let me be clear, this news should NOT be an avenue for current distributors of other companies to celebrate. The fact is that there are very good, hard-working, ambitious, dream-filled people that are dealing with a lot of anxiety and grief today. However if you recall an earlier article regarding XLER8 that I wrote […]

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