Please Excuse Me: I Was Getting Married-!

April 6, 2011


I am NOT the one to make excuses – so I didn’t want to blame my upcoming nuptials as the cause to my lack of consistent new material… however since the day has passed- yes I absolutely blame a large amount of stress and distraction with my wedding that took place this past weekend. A wedding planner you ask? Yes, of course I had one of those, however (and those of you that have experience) will agree that the planning of a wedding consumes you or at least as a guy, your significant other will make certain it consumes you as much as it does her! Suffice to say adding new content to the site was just NOT possible! (Again, not making excuses…. just saying.)

With that being SAID; April 2, 2011 was the happiest day of my life so far! I was able to officially marry the love of my life Natalia in the presence of my closest friends, family and business colleagues (which are my friends too – you get the point). The ceremony took place Aliso Viejo, CA. at a very exclusive and private site overlooking the Laguna Hills Canyon – absolutely gorgeous. I’ll admit I was much more emotional that I thought I would be, but then again I could never begin to prepare for such an experience. For me it was as much spiritual as it was emotional. The feeling of being redeemed of all your past relationship insecurities and heartache; culminating with the moment in which you are standing face to face with the one that you have been blessed with, to share the rest of your life with …. is indescribable.

Yikes! Sorry for the increased mush-factor but all in all take it as my excuse for a lack of new content. Consider this the doctors note you would take to your teacher for missing school so you would not be frowned upon and not be punished for missing class! (I’ve included pictorial evidence).

Getting married is a way to show family and friends that you have a successful personal life. It’s like the ultimate merit badge.”,” Andrew Cherlin, (sociologist at Johns Hopkins University and the author of The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family in America Today.)

Got Myself A Badge!


2 Responses to “Please Excuse Me: I Was Getting Married-!”

  1. May Seron-Tigas Says:

    Very well said, very well written Soomin! I was deeply touched with this wedding excuse material … if this is what you call it (*really nice). May the love you and Natalia share today grow stronger every day of your lives. One life is a miracle, but two lives knit together is a joy beyond words. Again, congratulations and best wishes to both of you love birds *_*

  2. Soomin Says:

    May- Thank you for your kind words! So great to have your comment for me to read permanently.

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