Video: The Secret to Continual Motivation and Productivity Explained!

If you ask those closest to me or even those that receive my early morning tweets you may think that I’m either a vampire or an insomniac. The truth is that I don’t have a problem with sleep, however as the day unwinds I become engulfed with a tremendous amount of motivation that my productivity reaches a fever pitch that I sometimes just forget to sleep or end up sleeping very early in the morning (like 7am)!

I have never pondered this thought more than I have the past 6 months, “Imagine how much more productive humans could be if we didn’t need to sleep.” Don’t get me wrong, rest is absolutely necessary, (it’s actually Biblical) and I enjoy my deep dream sessions, however I have come to the conclusion that this motivation that refuses to let me lay my head at a reasonable time is birthed through continual daily inspiration. Take a look at this video as I explain this mindset:

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I would love to hear what inspires, what draws you motivation on a daily basis.

Inspired and Motivated,

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13 Responses to “Video: The Secret to Continual Motivation and Productivity Explained!”

  1. Natalia Says:

    I get motivated by BIG wishes and visions for my future.
    Ending the day with a supreme yoga-pilates class that challenges but de-stresses, ending the week with a trip to my favorite nail salon, or coming home to my fiance every day, are some of the things that keep me going.
    It’s both the continuous mini-rewards, and those underlying BIG wishes that take me places…literally.

  2. Cat Says:

    changing peoples lives forever inspires me!

  3. Vanessa D'Amico Says:

    Working out at the gym with my clients is what inspires me! I see them working hard and it only makes me work even harder so nobody gives up. Wathcing my students get to work and try to learn something that is new and complex. Seeing them solve the problems on their own just makes me want to continue to be student myself. Watching my team work hard to learn more about our business and all the benefits it has to offer us and eveyone around us…never fails to inspire me.

  4. Christina English Says:

    I am inspired by my family. What keeps me going is my children constantly keeping me on my toes and the anticipation of my husband coming home to me after a long day.

  5. Phil Guerrero Says:

    Hi Soomin, great blog man! What inspires me personally is having an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people. Not only will this create a stronger friendship but it will also foster a sense of reciprocity which creates an awesome cycle. God’s bless. Phil Guerrero

  6. joshuaMcoburn Says:

    I’m most definitely inspired by some of my closest friends that continue to push me to my limits because they see in me a potential that I haven’t tapped fully into yet.

    I’m daily inspired by my mom who owns her own salon, manages it, keeps a full schedule of clients, and finds time to love her son and her Savior every day.

    And i’m inspired by the tenacity and heart of brothers from my college football team that continuously lay their bodies on the line for one another on the field and in the weight room.

  7. soomin Says:

    I appreciate each of you sharing, I’m blown away to read how selfless each of you are in your daily motives. Each of you get it and are on track!

    “Service to many leads to greatness.” – Jim Rohn

  8. Joe Katchka Says:

    I appreciate your time to help people be motivated and inspired. Right at this moment it’s hard for me to say which motivates or inspires me the most. But I have to say one that always sticks to me is my mom. Watching her throughout the years just constantly serving, teaching, and believing in me gets me motivated. She inspires me to dream big and help others with their health goals. Thanks for the video Soo. It gives me that inner positive energy 😉

  9. Daniel Harris Says:

    this blog has quickly been added to my favorites, there is nothing bigger than seeing how little we all know and how much is out there.

  10. Dan Says:

    My inability to settle is what keeps me motivated. I am constantly dreaming, and as a result, I always find myself being inspired and motivated. Appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

  11. soomin Says:

    @ Joe – My mother is hands down my primary inspiration as well. Thanks for sharing.

    @ Daniel – “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”
    -Harry S. Truman

    @ Dan- Dream and don’t ever settle!

    Thanks for the added inspiration.

  12. Rutha Says:

    I am inspired by all the need I see on a daily basis. I start with my own children and grandchildren, and branch out to the other young people struggling to make a life for their families. I am inspired by my sister, who went to college and worked full time all the while, and almost ruined her health to do it. But now she works as a HS teacher and a college professor. Thanks Sis…you are wonderful.

  13. Soomin Says:

    Thank you for sharing Rutha, your family is an excellent source for you inspiration. Use it to your advantage.

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