Let George Clooney Help Your MLM Business

I’m certain you’re wondering what George Clooney’s name is doing in a network marketing business article. Did he join a company? Is he promoting a specific product? Is he starting his own company?

The answer is ‘no’ to all of the above… however, I feel it’s even better.

Clooney recently stared in a widely successful, intelligent film that completely embraces and legitimizes the values of why we network marketers choose to involve ourselves in independent business. Now don’t get me wrong, this movie is not about network marketing, but what the film portrays and completely legitimizes the reasons why people need to get involved in a home-based business’ of their own.

Let me explain (without spoiling the movie for you)…

Clooney plays a gentleman named Ryan Bingham, a man whom works for an agency that is hired around the country by corporations to conduct employee layoffs. In other words these companies hire him in order to avoid the daunting task of having to fire their own employees.

The impact of this plot summary is aligned to its relevance and timeliness to the economic climate and the unemployment status of the world today. He performs very personal exit interviews with employees whom have dedicated their lives to working for a company, the magnitude of what is transpiring is found in some amazingly depressing scenes.

In one scene Clooney’s character is able to console one of his interviewees by discussing their passion and why they happen to put away their initial dreams to work at a job that they have not typically enjoyed for 20 years.

As the film progresses into various situations, topics, plots, a famous Jim Rohn quote kept entering my thoughts:

“…Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.”  

This is the founding principle of why many of us entered this business. It’s also an emotional plea that is often utilized by many network marketers during today’s “unemployment disorder.” 

Here is some further value that you, the marketer, will discover in this film. Many of these may not picked up by the average viewer. 

–         Enhancement of business with technology

–         Impact of being loyal to a cause

–         Following passion and not paths

–         Higher education vs. experience

–         Posture when presenting

…So what’s the big deal? 

Friends, ‘Up In The Air’ is currently nominated for (6) Golden Globes including Best Picture and Best Actor, this will most likely lead to Oscar attention as well; which translates into a long-term ripple effect of generally everyone eventually watching this film!

This is what I like to call ‘pop-plug’ a direct avenue of utilizing popular culture and events to engage in direct conversation about why we do, what it is we do.

This film will generally leave people with a rather melancholy ‘sign of the times’ sentiment as this film hits home for millions of those unemployed whom at one time worked for a corporation. It’s up to you to offer hope and a solution of what is possible when one decides to depend on your own resourcefulness and not that of an employer, to work towards your passion and not a paycheck.

Personally, I have been able to engage in numerous discussions regarding the illusion of job security, following passion over position, how to build a business while working full-time and the importance of technology and how it can make business much more efficient! This was all due to utilizing ‘Up In The Air’ to engage in avenues upon avenues of indirect prospecting!

If you haven’t done so already, go watch this movie. For those of you that have, share your comments as I would love to hear your insight!

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2 Responses to “Let George Clooney Help Your MLM Business”

  1. Natalia Says:

    Soomin, thanks for the article, I like the way you break it down and make pinpoint what makes this movie interesting and relevant. What I liked about “Up In The Air” was the Director’s on-going definition of “Loyalty.” We are loyal to work, relationships, people, things…the character is loyal to his “mileage” and although it seems silly at first, you realize at the end that it’s all he has, since those around him kinda let him down. This makes me think of two things: 1) you HAVE to depend on yourself. If YOU don’t do it, then who will? To many of us (I plead guilty) wait our whole lives for someone else, or some magic-moment to happen, and transform our lives, when in reality, it is up to US, as we owe it to ourselves, to take charge of the changes we want to see before us. 2) Consistency. Oh how it paid off for Ryan Bingham to be a loyal frequent-flyer, in the end he got a reward for his consistency, and when everything else failed, at least that paid off. So, to whom are we loyal? For whom do we work for? And, how consistent are we…in the pursuit of our Personal Development=Freedom.

  2. Soomin Says:

    “Being safe is risky.” -Seth Godin

    I believe that you’ve captured the movie at its core and that is loyalty to yourself and consistently building something for yourself and not someone else. Although that may sound “centered,” I believe it is then, when you have created freedom for yourself, you are most effective in being able to help others. In the movie Ryan Bingham at the end was able to offer the fruits of his persistence to his sister whom was not able to obtain it on her own. The film has many layers, each of which I gained value.

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