The Living Dead: Conflicting and Limiting Beliefs

February 2, 2013

Mindset, Personal Development

Conflicting desires can cause unexplainable frustration.


There’s a saying in this business. “It’s easier to give birth, than to raise the dead,” meaning that it’s better to look for new associates or new “blood” than it is to spend in your energy in trying to revive old associates or those that thrown in the towel…. What about those that don’t know they’re dead; haven’t officially quit but are inconsistent and lack production.

This may be YOU.

In this business there are those actively building with high belief-taking ACTION and those that have mentally quit and inconsistently “go through the motions” tricking themselves to think they are making progress. Here are some hints in identifying if you are in this breed.

Some may THINK they are alive, but they aren't moving or moving much too slow.


Hint #1: Identify if you are looking to achieve Production and Results or are you looking to please upline and the idea of being busy and staying involved. Do you know all the right answers, but have little to show in the way of results?

Hint #2: Is your excitement and energy the FIRST several months of this business- different than it is today? Are you still inviting and sharing with the same enthusiasm or do you feel your initial excitement is internally broken?

Hint #3: Have you found yourself already thinking to yourself of other avenues of creating income (outside of job) then YOUR current opportunity? Perhaps starting your own _________ business?

“Unbeing dead ISN’T being ALIVE.” E.E. Cummings

Check yourself before you continue to wreck yourself. An honest self-evaluation is needed in almost every area of your life, especially independent business in which self-motivation is necessity. Now…if you feel you may be a “walking dead” then the first step is to identify- from there it is to reevaluate your BELIEFS and eliminate the ones that conflict with your desire and purpose. A silent killer in this business is self-sabotage – which is a result of conflicting and limiting beliefs.

In my experience, here are some examples of conflicting beliefs- read these as if they are being internally communicated, not necessarily verbally:

  • ” I want to so badly be successful, financially free, but I want to make sure noone thinks I’m weird for doing this and I need to make sure everyone likes me.”
  • ” This business might work for some people, but none of my friends have money, so I doubt it will work for me…. but I guess I’ll keep trying.”
  • “It’s taken me THIS long and I’m only at THIS level and have made little money, if I bring someone that I know really well into the business, then I will be exposed for my lack of success…. so maybe its better that I don’t really go all out, I don’t want new people know that I haven’t really made it yet…but I really enjoy the personal development aspect of this- so I’ll just continue to be positive…”
  • “I am more spiritual if I am struggling financially since most people at my church aren’t that affluent, perhaps if I pursue financial success they may look down on me for being materialistic.”
  • “I brought some close friends in and they ended up quitting without making a check, I feel bad that they spent money so I don’t want to take anyone’s money again, I’ll just focus on product.”
  • “I was SO excited about this business, but a few people sent me a link to a negative article online and now I am questioning things…so I don’t want to really build this business now but don’t want to hurt my sponsors feelings so I’ll just kind of make excuses of why I won’t or can’t or say something like, “I realize I am too busy these days for this.”
  • “Once I become successful, I will then share this with my friends and family… but they won’t take me seriously until I am successful, so I will just reach out to strangers and try and make it with cold market first.
  • “If I keep writing inspirational quotes on Facebook, people will think I am serious about success and eventually they will ask me about my opportunity. So I’ll just wait for the perfect opportunity after they ask me about it!”

These are just a FEW examples of limiting beliefs that paralyze people from breakthrough and keep them on this ‘walking dead’ treadmill. It’s YOUR time to identify and BREAKOUT of this. They key to breakout and breakthrough is first Identifying. Then it is up to you to share this with someone that is successful and has experienced similar challenges and have them share with you how they overcame.

Wake Up!


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