The GREATEST Silent Killer of ALL Business: INCONSISTENCY

LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity.
Friends those of you that KNOW me, especially those of you that have known me in this business for years KNOW that the ONE thing that I will preach OVER and OVER and over and over is CONSISTENCY.

You see the UNSUCCESSFUL only live in a world of REACTING to what they “see”. When they get a yes, they rejoice and when it is a no, they are saddened. It’s a VERY black and white world for them. What the SUCCESSFUL see is that they look AHEAD, they UNDERSTAND that NO’s mean that THE TIMING is NOT RIGHT for that person. They also know that the TIMING in of itself is NOT the only answer but also the CONSISTENCY of their performance is the KEY to people joining them.

Let me explain, people WATCH you, LIKE ALL the time, ESPECIALLY after you invite them to a presentation or they say NO to your invitation to join your opportunity, they then WATCH YOU VERY CLOSELY to see if they made the WRONG decision by NOT joining you or they made the RIGHT decision by NOT joining your team. WHEN they see you slack off, become inconsistent, at one moment you are focused and gun-ho about your goals and business and now you are taking a “break.” YOU TELL THEM THEY MADE THE RIGHT decision not to join you. EVEN if they had a feeling of maybe looking at USANA again and got curious, simply by YOUR inactivity, focus and CONSISTENCY, they will immediately erase that thought!

Here is the sad thing, YOU DON’T SEE ANY OF THAT, this is ALL happening but it isn’t VISUAL. You just think you are living your life, taking a break, getting excited about other things and “BUSY” with “so much” going on in your life and maybe later you will get “focused” on your business again……… but that is like leaving the barn door open and having ALL the animals of the farm escape but saying to yourself when you get focused again that the animals will all be right where you left them!

……….. and guess what that time does return when you may want to get focused again and you realize , I’M NOT getting the results fast enough and people aren’t responding to me, this reminds me of how HARD this profession is ……. (sigh)………..and the downward spiral begins.

The REASON most unsuccessful people stay at the bottom is of THIS particular pattern. It gets hard so they take a break, thinking they are refreshing themselves and then they try again and its JUST as hard if not HARDER and they think they weren’t cut out for this but what they FAIL to realize is that their INCONSISTENCY has added SO MUCH WEIGHT and DIFFICULTY to an otherwise manageable goal and task!

Try baking cookies and the moment the heat rises, you stop the oven and open the oven door and let it cool and then fire up the oven again and the moment they start cooking, you stop, cool off the oven – open the door and then when its cold you start the over again……….. etc etc. Those COOKIES will NEVER cook properly or to their POTENTIAL! NOT because you weren’t capable or that the dough or oven was not…. but simply the INCONSISTENCY of the process have put the entire operation at a SEVERE disadvantage.

Friends EACH of you have the potential to be TOP EARNERS,  Directors, the ingredients, opportunity, team, system, company, products is ALL in place………HOWEVER for many the hot and cold, stop and go, excited and no longer excited, PUMPED UP and deflated, GUN-HO and GONE, PRESENT and Missing-in-Action, cycle is KILLING —absolutely KILLING NOT just your chances but also ALL THE PROSPECTS THAT ARE AND HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOU.

Friends this is WHY the successful people get “LUCKY” they play the odds…… if people join them— GREAT, if they don’t , great….. whether that varies or not they have RESOLVED to be CONSISTENT regardless. BECAUSE they ARE they “PICK OFF and PICK UP” any potential opportunities and GROW, make money, advance and CYCLE UP to become even MORE motivated and that CYCLE grows bigger and bigger to $50K / a week checks!

The KEY is CONSISTENCY. Turning on the oven and KEEPING THE DOOR CLOSED and NEVER letting the heat leave.

I ask you and encourage you NOW.

-Do you see this as a pattern that may explain your results or lack thereof?

-Do you think you may have lost respect from some of your prospects due to your own lack of consistency in your excitement, message, follow up and follow through?

-Are you a person that is excited 2 months following Convention but the other 10 you are up and down?

If you don’t know where to start…… here is the answer……..JUST START.

-Get involved on your teams communication platforms (calls, FB pages, meetings), RESPOND – don’t just read silently like a stalker – participate.

-Set up a call with your leader, upline, talk about it and make a plan to reinstate, but this time FOR GOOD.

-Ask yourself what were the reasons you began in THE first place.

-SET up a WEEKLY schedule of manageable tasks that you can FOLLOW THROUGH on no matter what.


BE A FINISHER in this LIFETIME —- way TOO MANY people leave earth and this life NOT FINISHING what they set out to do. WE HAVE ONE FREAKING LIFE and ONE SOUL and you want to UPLIFT that FINISHING spirit for it has seeds of greatness for greater things that are NOT revealed to the weak, flimsy, inconsistent.

Lastly, I have LOOKED people IN THE EYE. I have COMMITTED that I would lead them in this business, that THIS OPPORTUNITY has the potential to change theirs. I DO NOT take that lightly – if you have EVER sponsored someone – [whether they are active or not] – KNOW you made the SAME commitment – your integrity and name are more important that money itself…… be someone with integrity in FOLLOW THROUGH and CONSISTENCY. LET that be what people think of when they see your name and I promise if that is the theme —– success, money, advancements, recognition, ALL of that will FOLLOW.

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