The Fortune is in the FIT of it!

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For many people their network marketing experience is also their FIRST entrepreneurial venture as well. With first comes many firsts: first time giving a business presentation, first time feeling the pressure of representing oneself rather than a company or job, first time reading personal development books or listening to audio outside of music… and really the first experience of being a full-time MARKETER!

Having a passion for Gen Y and that being reflected in the percentage of younger generation that I work with in my organization; one of the firsts mainly for men is changing or upgrading apparel and dress. I want to debunk a few myths when it comes to dress attire mainly for men and mainly regarding suits and also discuss the most important factor of appearance regarding business attire.

Network Marketing, especially in certain parts of the Globe and country is in most cases more about the individual more than about the actual company or product. So in affect the industry (especially with the successful) carries a fragrance of material marketing from a watch, shoes, car, home, bag,  etc….. it seems the very first thing most male youth discover is their need for new business appropriate attire. So that is what I am going to touch on.

In the past year I have had more questions on attire and dress than ever before. I’ve been questioned on where I shop for clothes almost every time I have worn a suit for any particular event…. So naturally I want to touch on this subject. You see I believe the question really isn’t where did you buy that, but what they are really asking is, “how do I get it to fit like the way it fits you? So let’s discuss the suit. As aforementioned here are some myths that need to be cleared.

It’s all about the brand- The brand or material really DOESN’T matter in making an impression. (many come to believe that a $2,000 suit is better than one that is less expensive – NOT True. Unlike a car, there is NO badge visible on a suit and therefore not necessarily identifiable)

Wearing a suit regardless of the fit, is more important than not wearing one at all– (NOT True, if the suit is your fathers and it doesn’t fit right, you tend to look MORE desperate and sad than not wearing one at all, it’s better to feel comfortable than wear something of business that doesn’t fit. It always makes me absolutely cringe when seeing youth attending an interview or working at a mall kiosk selling cell phones in an overly fitted double-breasted (90’s) suit…. Even worse with baggy dress pants!

So here is my advice in those of you looking to make an impression of successful appearance with limited resources. Typically begin with a black suit and find one that is inexpensive. As you grow your wardrobe the next color would be a gray, then you may venture off to adding other colors or shades of colors to your suit collection. Inexpensive suits (pants-jacket; $100-$150) can be found at stores like H&M, or discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or to upgrade and pay a little more stores such as Express carry a great collection as well. Again these are NOT the names like Gucci, Varvatos, Vuitton, Hugo that are generally thrown around in the “successory” discussion, BUT how it FITS is really ALL that matters.

"Personal Development Tailor" - Note your body composition will dictate your adjsutment, its not about looking 'SLIM', its about the suit looking FIT.

The NEXT step is the magic step: GET IT TAILORED to fit YOUR body. The FIT my friends makes a $100 suit look like a million bucks and a thousand dollar suit look like Salvation Army goods…. It is the FIT not the BRAND. Find a local tailor, the money that you saved purchasing an inexpensive suit, a portion must NOW to be invested into the fit. Alterations will cost anywhere from $15-$100 depending on the amount of adjustments made.

Or better yet, take in a suit that you ALREADY own and get that fitted, people will think you are wearing something NEW.

I understand the challenge of what it’s like for someone new; the overextended time it takes to wanting to portray success to actually achieving it, trying to tell the world of one’s internal intentions, but are being judged based upon documented success of outward possessions…. May this tip help you adapt to your journey.

When it comes to business apparel, erase from your mind the brand name and place your focus on the FIT. And when asked what kind of suit you are wearing…. Simply answer, “one that fits!”

Keep it Sharp Ninjas,

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4 Responses to “The Fortune is in the FIT of it!”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Could not agree more. I admire your ability to portray fashion as a “fit” rather than the most expensive or best due to the brand. Gen Y should be very grateful for this piece. Thank you SK, you’s a bosss..

  2. Dan Says:

    I learned early on in my “corporate” career this valuable lesson. There was a friend who took me out and SHOT straight with me about what style of pants FIT better than others. As much as I want to wear what my “smaller” frame friends wear….the truth is, I have to wear what FITS me.

    Appreciate this advice.


  3. nancy Says:

    thanks soomin i shared this with my Gen Y’ers!!!!

  4. Soomin Says:

    Yes, you certainly work with several Gen Y’ers that can hopefully be relieved of some of the pressure to spend money on brand name….

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