Success Principle: Mental Inheritance

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of Emerson’s many famous quotes. So simple, to the point and yet one of those that are favored and shared on Twitter accounts and Facebook status’ across the board. I want to focus on the latter half of that… to be “led” by your dreams. Let’s reverse engineer this, bear with me as I will be getting to the point.

Let’s be REAL…one’s dreams of how they spend their time and with whom, where they live, where to be able to travel, the luxuries purchased, the contributions made, the ability to have options in every aspect of their life is always directly aligned to FINANCES.

Robert Kiyosaki said it best, “Money is not the goal. Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.”

With entrepreneurs in the Network Marketing, the ability to build a foundation and a business that will pay passively over the period of a lifetime is certainly the goal to achieve these dreams. Although in the beginning it is sometimes difficult to envision, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary in order to eventually arrive at the destination. Most all NWM companies offer leadership levels or rank advancements for the distributor to keep track or “score” of their progress. It’s critical for you to NOT only understand the qualifications of these levels but for you to become take mental OWNERSHIP of your said rank goal.

Each companies’ titles are vary ranging from Executive, Presidents, Golds, Diamonds, Tripe-Backflip Diamonds, Blue Hawaiian, Obsidians, etc. What is the beginner title of one company could be an advanced of the other. Most companies will adhere to labeling their levels in corporate-type titles and the others with precious gems. The label of such is NOT important, your understanding of what these qualifications are of utmost importance. Again, if you don’t know what it takes to achieve something technically, more than likely you won’t achieve it.

Example of one companies leadership rank in the form of pins.


From the moment I began in my primary opportunity my personal goal was to achieve the level of my companies Gold Director status. Gold Director in my company was about EIGHT levels above the new person getting started and considered a “full-time” compensated position.. Although that was NOT my end goal, it was certainly a stretch goal for someone who was just beginning. I made a mental decision that Gold Director was my inheritance, for all intents and purposes that I was already A GOLD director. I needed to achieve this position in order to initiate the first stage of my short term dreams of owning my time, avoiding the need of an employer, being able to spend more time helping others to do the same.

Thinking BIG is one thing, KNOWING that it is ALREADY YOURS in another.


However I made a MENTAL decision that I was NOT only going to be at this position soon enough, but that I already was. It was just a matter of time until everyone else would come to notice it. I didn’t simply act that way then, thinking that I might write about it later (as I am doing now), but simply recounting some success deviance in myself that not only help me achieve Gold but to surpass that as well.

My thought was, It was like being given a letter of an great inheritance that was left for you by a long lost relative, however in order to claim yours, you must travel a certain distance to obtain it. To me it was NOT a question of “hope” or “if.”

You see MOST people have the lottery mentality of, “I hope I can win,” and just like the lottery many NEVER do. However there are some that have the Inheritance mentality that it is “ALREADY MINE”, I must now take the protocol to redeem it. The latter is where MOST of the successful individuals mindset thrives.

At the time when I began this business I was working approx. 50 hours a week at a corporate job, that took most of my time. Suffice to say that I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked but my inheritance lead me to the

– After working a 10 hour shift at my job (which in itself was 45-60 minutes in traffic from my home), I would drive the opposite way to have business meetings and presentations, coming home very late in the evening to sleep and do it over the next day.

– Instead of always taking lunched with co-workers, I would try to take my hour lunch alone in order to read books on entrepreneurship, personal development and also make calls for my personal business.

– Besides the occasional Laker games, I watched almost NO television following work.

– I spent my weekends setting up meetings and attending as many personal development and company live events.

I was mentally OBLIGATED to accept my inheritance.

I don’t know what it looks like for you, every individual with their responsibilities, families, time is different… but one must make a MENTAL change from, “I hope to one day,” to “it is MY INHERITANCE.”

What inspired me to write today was not just the majority of individuals in the industry and my team that LACK this mindset but a quote from business mogul and multimillion dollar entrepreneur Russell Simmons on his Twitter this morning:

“As you become more enlightened, you’ll have less interest in getting involved in uninspiring, harmful ideas.” – Russell Simmons

For myself I have been able to surpass my original goals, but have a fresh set of new ones that are going to be a stretch, but ones that I have mentally CLAIMED as my INHERITANCE. Having been able to travel a process of completing some initial achievements and knowing what it takes, I cannot express how TRUE this quote is from someone who has obviously encountered his on who ANOTHER level.

I see so many people “wanting” the fruits of success but NOT moving away from uninspiring, harmful distractions or ideas. I can’t tell you how many things I see people being robbed of their inheritance… from television, video games, softball leagues, alcohol, frequent vacations, new hobbies, distraction of new relationships, UN-supportive relationships, etc. Make no mistake I am NOT saying that these are NOT important to an individual and their joy by any means, what I am saying is that Major consistency in this business to achieve your goals and inheritance will birth you future time to NOT only enjoy and pursue certain recreations but on a far higher level.

The most successful entrepreneurs don't know the finalist of American Idol, nor who got kicked off of an island last night...and they certainly don't know the secret firepower needed to pass the next stage on your fantasy game.


So as I hope to enlighten you, my desire is that you will become less interested in DISTRACTION…. From uninspiring ventures and “time-robbers” that ultimately do NOT lead to your goals, dreams and that of your loved ones.

The amount of excitement that “weekend warriors” have for their upcoming Vegas trip or their plans for Coachella, if that fervor was placed into the consistency of building up ones leveraged business, they may one day live a life of leisure as opposed to hoping for breaks of release and fun in their otherwise “9-5, paycheck to paycheck” lifestyles. You can be a “rockstar” for a weekend and post those pictures up on your Facebook, or you can perhaps live the life of one.

The quintessential "we got a private table at a club" group photo in Vegas.... but they return to reality come Monday.


My apologies for ranting a bit, actually no I don’t apologize for what I said, just perhaps losing my structure somewhat.

Time is incredibly precious friends, for we cannot make that back. As individuals we were created infinite potential, however for some of you that would only claim your inheritance, perhaps that mental act would lead you to begin to cultivate your life, how you spend your time, into a more fruitful series of activities; ones that lead you towards and not away.

Let’s move forward together,

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  1. H-Flight Says:

    relationship wise, females ARE distraction whether it be a positve or negative relationship; isn’t it a time commitment that keeps you away from building?

  2. Daniel Says:

    “I see so many people “wanting” the fruits of success but NOT moving away from uninspiring, harmful distractions or ideas.”

    This has probably been one of the greatest difficulties in my “becoming” an entrepreneur. Perseverance and consistency have been 2 themes that have continually followed me in network marketing.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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