Video: Why Are You Not Following Your Passion?

March 24, 2010

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“People don’t become network marketers for the sake of becoming marketers, rather they utilize it as a platform to create more time to pursue their passion(s).”

This was a recent quote that I placed on my Facebook Page. After writing it, I realized just how thankful I am to be doing something that has allowed me to pursue my personal passion(s).

Passion for everyone is different, for some it may be traveling, art, sports, or simply being home on a daily basis to spend quality time to raise their children. I then tried to fathom the amount of people that are NOT currenly pursuing their particular passion. I’m overwhelmed with the thought of the numerous talented individuals that are currently “stuck” and may never truly be made aware of what they would “rather” be doing in this short life.

In no way am I saying that it is easy to pursue a dream, passion or  idea, in the ” 9-5 Rat-Race” of a world we live in today, what I am saying is that it is WORTH IT. 

Friends there are more than enough opportunities in the network marketing industry that will allow the individual to take a step towards that freedom. It’s a matter of want and action.

Recently I say and spoke to a 22-yr. old that has made his passion the #1 priority of his life and it is interesting how life will surround and support those whom pursue their hearts desire. Take a listen to a chat I had with Professional Bodyboarder: Jeremy Wright.

Passion First,

4 Responses to “Video: Why Are You Not Following Your Passion?”

  1. Ron Ziebell Says:

    What’s up Soomin? Nice interview with Jeremy! You have an awesome site here!
    Hey i’m reopening the shop this weekend with some cooperation from some vendors and my landlord. Like you said, I’m following my passion regardless of my personal setbacks I’ve had.
    My goal is still to sell the business to the right person that has the passion and ability to keep AS moving into the future.
    I’ve had many very eager people interested but none could come up the $. The banks won’t budge these days.
    Anyways, I was wondering if you had any advice on marketing AS or would like to lend a hand in any way. Anything would be appreciated. I know you were the roots of AS from the beginning and it holds a special time in your life.
    I’m glad to hear you’re doing good and are “following your passion”!
    Hope all is well, talk to you soon. -Ron Dog

  2. Soomin Says:


    Great to hear from you. You have been an inspiration to so many! You are and have been one of the most passionate people that I know when it comes to Bodyboarding … thanks for that. As far as marketing regarding A/S, I’ll send you a message shortly. THanks again for your words!

  3. Jeremy Zarghami Says:

    Hey Soomin. This is solid stuff, and it is so true. So many people just go with the first job offer they get or the one that pays the highest right off the bat. But if you sit down and ask them if that is what they are passionate about or is it their dream job, more than likely they will say no. It blows me away that people just settle and just convince themselves that they like their job. I have a friend that got a job with Verizon right out of high school and after just two years he thinks that it would be a good career job. I’m not trying to bag on working at Verizon but I know for a fact that job is not his passion. And he feels “stuck” after only two years. I am so glad that I am doing what I love to do. And after college I won’t have to worry about getting the highest paying job but the one I really want to do (if I get a job at all). Life is so short, you have to do what you love, otherwise you are just selling yourself short. Thanks for the blog Soomin, keep inspiring.


  4. Soomin Says:


    Thank you for your words. I am an example of someone who sacrificed his passion for the sake of a “steady” job. I believe that 2009 was a devastating time for many (financially and professionally) and that is unfortunate. For those that utilize independent business and work their tail off, may find it a “blessing in disguise” when time and home-based finances allow for them to rediscover their true passion(s) in life. For those young enough to understand the importance and value of what Robert Kiyosaki would call the “B” quadrant such as yourself… the world is full of possibilites. Just make sure you help enough people along the way brotha.

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