CAUTION: Your Inner Cirlce

This post was originally a personal Facebook status post of mine, with the reception that was received on this particular post, I wanted to make certain that it was cataloged on this site for YOU.

The Inner Circle: I choose to surround myself around those that DESIRE for me to be successful, they want me to excel spiritually, financially, relationally -in EVERY area of my life – they WANT me to become RICH. They celebrate MY success as if it was THEIR OWN and I live my life reciprocating that VALUE to them. In fact I find inspiration in EVERYONE’s success [even people I don’t call friends], as there is ALWAYS something to learn and to take away from others.

Certainly this sounds as it “should be”-this typically ISN’T the case…be cautious of those whom you surround yourselves with..Ive noticed that success or desire for Change/Upgrade [in ANY area of your life] usually threatens others’ OWN complacency and therefore they’ll subconsciously and consciously pull you more towards THEM [down].

When your friends are drunk, they want YOU to be drunk, single friends want you to be single [vice versa], broke friends feel more comfortable about themselves when you’re broke, unhealthy individuals are threatened by friends that begin to order salads….nobody wants to feel “left behind,” I get it…HOWEVER Life is SHORT-You’re NOT living for them-align yourselves IMMEDIATELY with those that are going to inspire you to your greatness and live your passion-inheritance. Be mindful of those in your life/circle that are threatened by THEIR own complacency and fear- because they WILL affect YOU and your journey.

Three questions I constantly ask myself:

1- Who am I around?
2- What effect are they having?

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