Building Momentum Through The Live Event

I’m certain many of you are aware of the power of live events (regional and international conventions) for what it can do for you personally and to your business. If you are not aware, most likely you have yet to attend a company celebration. You see, it is not what it costs to make these events, but rather what it will cost for you to miss it. Friends, these celebrations not only recharge my mental “battery” but it also refreshes me on the importance of team building and knowing that actual lives are being positively affected during these business getaways. The annual international convention for my primary opportunity was particularly special this year as I was not only recognized for my yearly achievements but was asked this year to speak on one of the breakout training stages! I’d like to share some pictures, enjoy!

The training session room that I would speak at!

..standing room only! 2000+

Being able to share value is a gift.

My fiance and I on stage!

There is NO replacement for the personal and physical interaction with your team!

...its not ALL business.

I must give a disclaimer and let you know that I can only speak for my own opportunity celebrations. However, I know that it is in the best interest of the company to provide an exciting, educational, motivational, value-filled event.

When the opportunity presents itself to attend a live evern… DO NOT pass it up!

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