A List of 7 Desires and Circumstance That Drive Someone To Get Started In Network Marketing



The Seven most encountered individuals and needs in my Network Marketing business.

I believe that ultimately a business is designed to MAKE SOMEONE’s LIFE BETTER. So a simple direction you can take to judge an opportunity is what need can a network marketing opportunity meet? One way to answer the question of the needs that an Network Marketing opportunity meets, is simply to assess the needs of those individuals interested in gettingstarted. Now certainly the most common denominator is MONEY or additional INCOME (not in ALL cases) but the real question is WHY? What would it be allocated for? What goal or desire will this income help to achieve?

Let’s take a look at the SEVEN different individuals & desire that I encounter MOST often (– the use of “he” or “she” is alternately used to represent both male and female)

Here are the SEVEN in NO PARTICULAR order.

Mother feeding baby while on phone

The Stay-At-Home Mom: How Can I contribute financially to my family?


-The Stay-At-Home Mom-

Yes I said mom, and NOT dad. Not being sexist, this is just what I encounter almost all the time (for this situation). The family is currently living under a single income and the mother is at home raising the child or children. Dad is working way too hard and too many hours and two things happen:

1) The kids barely see their father (perhaps morning and then in the evening before bed).
2) The mother feels helpless of not being able to contribute financially to relieve the burden of the husbands labor. Often times I hear, “I just want to help out and being at home and raising, I don’t Know what I can do.” This is also why you have seen an influx of “Etsy Moms.”

The problem is that many times mothers are only thinking of “Jobs” which is NOT possible for them to attend to while raising their children. So it is the network marketing model, that offers the flexibility to work from home, with no set schedule that intrigues this individual. Most powerful tool they have in their favor is that they can choose to partner with others that are in the exact SAME situations they are—this is why the majority of this industry is made up of women! QUICK FACT: Only 6% of women in the U.S make over $100K a year, of that 6% — 80% make it in Network Marketing! Nothing says, I want to help the family out financially, like a stay-at-home mom that earns more than their leave-for-work husband!

-The Suspicious College Student-


Somethings NOT right, I thought AFTER college you are NO LONGER supposed to be BROKE!


I didn’t say just ANY college student, this is the “suspicious” one. The one that is doing exactly what his parents asked him to do, but realizing that those that graduated before him, and even his parents (whom are the ones that encouraged this traditional route) aren’t living a life, or earning an income that he would desire for himself. This student is realizing that the statistics that of 70% of college graduates are NOT using their major and is realizing that he’s only real guarantee is a hefty (maturing) student loan debt once this is completed…coupled with the fact RIGHT NOW he’s BROKE.

The suspicion leads this individual to become Interested in network marketing’s earning potential and just as important– REAL WORLD leadership skills provided – NOT taught in schools. Non-fiction success books being encouraged and read that shift their paradigm more than ANY text book encountered. This individual is in “learning mode” and ready to call upon other “suspicious” colleagues as Lion-O called upon his Thundercats during times of distress and enlightenment. (90’s cartoon reference applied).

-The Burnt Out Gen X’er-

Closeup of stressed business man with clasped hands looking down on black background

Gen X: I get to wear a suit to work every day this is GREAT! Not. I’m OVER this. After years the only person getting ahead is my boss.


Generation X, the one that came after the Baby Boomers, but prior to Gen Y – this individual is just BURNT OUT. In his mid-late 30’s he’s come to a realization that $50-$75K in salary is barely enough to make ends meet for him and his growing family. Unlike the younger generation he faces the cold reality that he just isn’t special and he didn’t get his BIG break. He’s also realizing that 35-40% of his paycheck is deducted every two weeks and goes to TAXES! When talking to him, he’s certainly proud of his career and able to speak confidently about what he’s doing, but when you dig deeper, you realize he has fallen way short of his outlook.

The power comes of this generation comes from the fact that they are too old to be naïve, but young enough to create mental and entrepreneurial change that can steer the REST of their life in a whole other direction. Because these individuals have experienced and are experiencing the “Real World” they quickly understand the appeal of being able to build something on the side and begin the beauty of creating individual leverage. They also realize how much they do NOT want to work for a boss or a supervisor for the rest their life.

-Community Seeker-


This individual is attracted to the camaraderie within an organization. The positivity that radiates from a “team.” They are attracted to the desire of being around NOT just a community but one that is filled with positivity, encouragement and support. In life she’s realized that as you get older, social dissidence can sometimes set in, that it’s hard to meet new people. These individuals are NOT typically motivated by money, but motivated by a social circle, the social media ‘likes’ that are shared within a group, the pictures of events and travel. The overall community is what this person is seeking. I’ll go as far as to say that these people usually find something MUCH MORE valuable than money and that is life-long friendships. I am reminded often that the basic needs of humans are the same: they want to be loved and they want to be accepted, the ‘Community Seeker’ reminds me of this.

-The Saturated Success-


The Saturated Success: You want my help? I can share with you an opportunity.


This person is already successful in the eyes of society. Having a great career and already earning an above average income and carry a great corporate title, perhaps this person already has a business of her own. What this person
becomes attracted to are FOUR aspects–

1) The time-freedom element of a successful network marketing business (they are currently over worked and over stressed)

2)Laughably (to them) LOW start-up costs for a high possible return. (Average small business owners invest $50K just to get something started- so they laugh at less than $1K investment!)

3) This is an opportunity where they can help others that have alwayslooked up to them as the one that “made it.” One time a Saturated Success individual I encountered exclaimed, “everyone’s always looking to me to help them financially or with a job, well now with this, I can
give them an opportunity to work for it and I’ll guide them!’ You see this is a release and an opportunity for them to GIVE BACK and help others.

4) TAX savings. They make A LOT, but they PAY A LOT in taxes and are looking for a relief or a business shelter. (According the former IRS tax attorney Sandy Botkin, individuals NOT owning a home based business are losing $3,000-$9,000 a year in taxes savings!)

-The Unknown Celebrity-


“….once I’m successful, they’ll ALL know my story and my name.”


This individual secretly (and not-so-secretly) craves to have their self-confidence built through success. They realize that not only does network marketing offer a massive income opportunity but also just as big a public recognition component. They’d like to one day be used as an example of success, speak on stage, and inspire others. This person is already considering how the will pose for a picture in their new car that they post on Instagram. ‘The Unknown Celebrity’ has an overwhelming desire to ACHIEVE and be RECOGNIZED. Perhaps this person lacked recognition or this is a chance to re-do a subpar social platform in school whatever the case may be. I believe there is an element of the ‘unknown celebrity’ in all of us, but this specific category has been heavily influenced by pop/ hip-hop culture, MTV and reality television. She thinks she’s a model and he think he’s a mogul. This may sound comical and certainly there’s a fragrance of comedy, but there are many that when viewing the Average income earnings chart for the first time, become hypnotized by this personal grandeur and it moves them to ACT.

-The Organic Customer-


“I just LOVE the products, I’m not interested in the business……. wait what? I could get them for free?”


This person already USES a specific product from a network marketing company. She’s a big believer and purchases monthly. She goes as far as to tell and share with others about it. So much so that one day she’d like to know, “Who gets credit for all these sales?” Realizing that it could be her and with the amount of belief-driven testimonial she is sharing, she could easily have her own products paid for by the referral bonus. She isn’t interested in earning 6-7 figures, being recognized, talking business, she just thinks it would be nice to get the products for free. She becomes a “distributor” officially only after doing it “unofficially.” A majority of the industry is made up of customers that simply want a discount and or the POSSIBILITY of earning a referral bonus. They are GREAT. (SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately this heavy segment is included in statistical failure rate of associates not making money- they’re not trying to really! They just want a discount! Ha.)

Here’s to the joy of meeting others needs,

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