May 18, 2011

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Video: Is College A Scam?

…I have been saying this for years (..well 4.5 years to be exact)! Now, before you get your panties in a bunch; let me start by saying that as a College Graduate-I respect what higher education can provide – by way of discipline and personal development – but the question I bring up is simply this: What is the value? ….and at what cost?


April 21, 2011


Video: (What Is Direct Selling?) …. Cuz If You Don’t Know, Now You Know!

Have fun + Opportunity to make a fortune = Direct Selling.

This video simply states what it is. Enjoy.

It really is THAT much fun,

April 6, 2011


Please Excuse Me: I Was Getting Married-!

I am NOT the one to make excuses – so I didn’t want to blame my upcoming nuptials as the cause to my lack of consistent new material… however since the day has passed- yes I absolutely blame a large amount of stress and distraction with my wedding that took place this past weekend. A wedding planner you ask? Yes, of course I had one of those, however (and those of you that have experience) will agree that the planning of a wedding consumes you or at least as a guy, your significant other will make certain it consumes you as much as it does her! Suffice to say adding new content to the site was just NOT possible! (Again, not making excuses…. just saying.)

With that being SAID; April 2, 2011 was the happiest day of my life so far! I was able to officially marry the love of my life Natalia in the presence of my closest friends, family and business colleagues (which are my friends too – you get the point). The ceremony took place Aliso Viejo, CA. at a very exclusive and private site overlooking the Laguna Hills Canyon – absolutely gorgeous. I’ll admit I was much more emotional that I thought I would be, but then again I could never begin to prepare for such an experience. For me it was as much spiritual as it was emotional. The feeling of being redeemed of all your past relationship insecurities and heartache; culminating with the moment in which you are standing face to face with the one that you have been blessed with, to share the rest of your life with …. is indescribable.

Yikes! Sorry for the increased mush-factor but all in all take it as my excuse for a lack of new content. Consider this the doctors note you would take to your teacher for missing school so you would not be frowned upon and not be punished for missing class! (I’ve included pictorial evidence).

Getting married is a way to show family and friends that you have a successful personal life. It’s like the ultimate merit badge.”,” Andrew Cherlin, (sociologist at Johns Hopkins University and the author of The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family in America Today.)

Got Myself A Badge!

February 25, 2011


My Platform Video Series – Issue #1: Overcoming Obstacles with MC IMPRINT

What does  an up and coming hip hop artist have to do with Independent Network Marketers? Find out for yourself and see if you can pick up on several parallels in this first video of the ‘My Platform’ Video Series. In order to find success in business, music, relationships or just life in general… once must face their past and take account of the errors and also in many ways, stand upon those obstacles as a platform of redemption and success.

In my opinion, no one does it better than the rapper or hip hop artist. Time and time again we hear songs of trials, error, objections, obstacles, pain and ultimately overcoming it all.

Although I am not a musician, I feel in many ways network marketing has given me the opportunity to overcome so many of life’s shortcomings of a broken family, economically challenged upbringing, etc. Listen as I sit with Brett Guidry AKA MC IMPRINT as he shares his story.

Friends; music or business, the themes DO NOT change….. enjoy.

February 7, 2011


MLM Redemption Video Series: My Platform ….Coming Soon.

I hope that this post finds everyone well; as we are a week deep into the second month of 2011. I have been quite busy building business and helping develop a number new leaders that are well on their way to impacting the lives of so many more. In addition I will be getting married in a few months (eeek), so do forgive my lack of recent material on the site. However…. that is about to change!

It has become evident to me that there are a large percentage of my viewers and subscribers that are not actually network marketers (mainly employees). In fact, they have very little idea of what it is that I do, or what this site stands for.

I believe that as we enter a time where independent business and network marketing become more and more widely known – it is a good idea that I take one step back to establish my values and standards; setting my platform on several issues. Mainly why the average person is CRAZY for NOT building some sort of an asset for themselves and/or why an MLM distributorship may be their greatest option.

This will provide MASSIVE and simplified value/analogies to aid and support you in building your business – but also giving this site a platform on where I stand on various topics such as: ‘The value or lack thereof for higher education’, ‘the pit of owning a traditional small business’, ‘the total misconception of this industry’ and the issue of ‘loving money,’ to name a few. I will also include some interviews with people you NEED to hear from.

So with that being said my friend…. I AM BACK (not that I ever left)! Stay tuned for this series of videos to begin rolling out in the next week!

November 29, 2010


Video: “Crazy” Dedication To A Goal.

The value of this particular video and message I believe is self-explanatory. Do place this example to your own goals. How obsessive are YOU to meeting your goals? Nobody said it would be easy.

Here’s to unwavering dedication to see things through,

November 2, 2010


Video: Network Marketing Today: What’s wrong? Where is it headed? How can I win!?

I don’t very often like to “rant” or get too emotional on a video. Why? I don’t know… I just don’t feel that I communicate as well emotionally. However, it has been increasingly clear to me that the issues of unsuccessful distributors are very much highlighted in many events that have occurred in 2010.


Take Your Blinders OFF,

November 1, 2010


Redemptive Quote – Donnie Wahlberg

“(I) never really felt a real level of respect. The fame was fantastic, but that wasn’t that important to me, because for every million people that loved me I focused on the one that hated me.” -Donnie Wahlberg

September 3, 2010


Nightmare Come True For eFusjon Distributors: Company Shuts Down MLM Compensation.

Let me be clear, this news should NOT be an avenue for current distributors of other companies to celebrate. The fact is that there are very good, hard-working, ambitious, dream-filled people that are dealing with a lot of anxiety and grief today. However if you recall an earlier article regarding XLER8 that I wrote last year as they closed their doors, I warned you on the dangers and trend of jumping on newer opportunities that consist of hype, “ground floor opportunity and impacted new product sectors (energy drinks). You must face the fact that approx. 90% of new companies WILL NOT make it past their first five years.

As mentioned in the XELR8 article as well, I discussed the importance of finding a company that has established itself, however with a name recognition that is yet to be household. (So we can scratch Herbalife, Amway/Quixstar, Melaleuca, Nuskin, etc.) Surprsingly to many there are still several very established network marketing companies that hold a high level of opportunity for the new distributor.

For those of you whom have been burned this latest failure, take your time to look at established opportunities that have a history of growth, third-party product accolades and a healthy mix of distributor age-range (Gen Y – Baby Boomer).

... matrix shhhmatrix.

Choose wisely, and avoid getting a letter like this your inbox one morning:

Letter from Ownership to Distributors

Dear eFusjon Distributors:
It is with great sadness that we announce today that we must cease the direct sales multi-level marketing business of eFusjon, Inc. as of September 1, 2010.

The independent contractor distributor agreements will terminate as of this date. See Distributor Agreement, Section 7 (“The Agreement shall continue in effect between the parties here to until either party terminates the Agreement…”). Qualified distributors will receive their last compensation check for the month of August, less offsets against any amounts that are owed to the Company, on September 10th. Any commissions due will be available in your “Hyperwallet” account until October 31, 2010, after which date you will need to contact the corporate office (to access your “Hyperwallet” account please go to, or contact customer service for assistance). The Company will send refunds of the $30 membership fee to those distributors who became members in August 2010.

This was a very difficult decision for the Company and not one we had hoped to make. When the owners started eFusjon in 2008, we envisioned a unique and successful MLM business with healthy and unparalleled beverage products. The goal was to market these products through independent distributors via the MLM direct sales business model.

Distributor performance, however, has been steadily declining for over a year now, and as a result, so has the Company’s revenues. The Company can no longer maintain a marketing model that is not generating the funds needed to grow a viable business. In short, the Company’s MLM business model is no longer a sustainable marketing strategy.

With a certain level of optimism, we also announce today our decision to explore other opportunities for the eFusjon product many of you have come to love. For some period of time, you may continue to enjoy eFusjon products through purchases (without compensation) on the eFusjon website

Lastly, we extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you for your dedication to eFusjon over the years and for standing by our product and the Company during the height of our success as well as through more recent challenging times. We share your disappointment about the recent turn of events, but are cautiously optimistic about the future of eFusjon and eFusjon’s unparalleled, healthy beverages.

With Gratitude,
The eFusjon Corporate Officers

September 3, 2010


Building Momentum Through The Live Event

I’m certain many of you are aware of the power of live events (regional and international conventions) for what it can do for you personally and to your business. If you are not aware, most likely you have yet to attend a company celebration. You see, it is not what it costs to make these events, but rather what it will cost for you to miss it. Friends, these celebrations not only recharge my mental “battery” but it also refreshes me on the importance of team building and knowing that actual lives are being positively affected during these business getaways. The annual international convention for my primary opportunity was particularly special this year as I was not only recognized for my yearly achievements but was asked this year to speak on one of the breakout training stages! I’d like to share some pictures, enjoy!

The training session room that I would speak at!

..standing room only! 2000+

Being able to share value is a gift.

My fiance and I on stage!

There is NO replacement for the personal and physical interaction with your team!

...its not ALL business.

I must give a disclaimer and let you know that I can only speak for my own opportunity celebrations. However, I know that it is in the best interest of the company to provide an exciting, educational, motivational, value-filled event.

When the opportunity presents itself to attend a live evern… DO NOT pass it up!