Who Kobe Bryant is Following.

March 26, 2013

MLM Redemption

Social Media has ABSOLUTELY changed the GAME for those that are in the ‘PEOPLE Business.’ It provides a WEB of instantaneous connection with anyone form anywhere at ANY TIME !

This includes Celebrities of all sorts. If you asked me a month ago if there was but ONE celebrity; athlete, actor that I would want THAT back and forth connection with it would be NONE other than my ALL-Time FAVORITE athletes and character of inspiration: Professional Basketball Player, 5-Time NBA Champion Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant. It has NOT been long since it was widely public that he created a Twitter account, achieving his first million followers in a matter of weeks. What was exclusive and the “talk” of the Sports ‘Twitterverse’ would be who HE is personally following. Up to the date of this post it was an exclusive 90 members which include other famous athletes, journalists, news sites, and celebrities.

To keep this post short and quick, there is something to the POWER of attraction and also honing in on skills that you can acquire and adapt to take advantage of in the future. Social Media is one area to which I have been working intensively to understand and explore for several years now. With that being said: yesterday I received the notification of a LIFETIME that read: “Kobe Bryant is NOW following you on Twitter.”

The notification of a lifetime. I may have this printed and framed.


Cheers to the world of Social Media and to its endless opportunities to CONNECT,

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