Traditional or Internet? Sedan or Coupe? Not Moving in Either!?

I hope each of you are prospering in your business.

Network Marketing is NOT easy and many times I feel that those of you online are desperately in search of help in building your business. You’re realizing rather quickly online success eludes you as well.

…I’ve been thinking of those of you whom are down “2 Strikes.”

The hope that you had in going online, the money that you have no doubt spent. It sucks I know.

I will look to cater to your needs, change the initial plan of my blog completely and assist your redemption for your excruciating efforts. This is going to be a change to my personal site and the focus of my efforts. I am meeting and coming into to contact too many of you that are NOT finding the success you wished for online, as a secondary effort to compensate for your lack of success with your traditional efforts.

With that being said, being busy with life and enjoying business is no excuse for a lack of updates. I am working on the update now.

For me and my opportunity, August always presents itself as a critical month. In many regards it is where I mentally envision a “new year” in my business. To help ring in this sentiment I felt the need for a change as well. I got rid of my 2008 BMW 5-Series and got into a new 2011 BMW 335i M-Sport Coupe! So needless to say I am feeling much sportier in this ride than my last. I also feel that for those of you that really really want it, you can make the change from being a slower sedan in this business, to a much sportier coupe. Speed cures a lot of the problems you are currently facing in our business, unfortunately many of you are driving in first gear and with the parking brake still engaged.

For some of you it is going to be a matter of technique, direction, and or training. Although its difficult to hear, some of you may be in the wrong vehicle all together. Many are trying to drive manual without any training when you’ve driven automatic transmission your entire life. Forgive the car metaphors, but I hope you get my drift!

In the next few months, I will look to help each of you identify what is stalling progress or lack thereof.

...out with the old. with the new!

Stay tuned, stay connected and stay close,

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2 Responses to “Traditional or Internet? Sedan or Coupe? Not Moving in Either!?”

  1. Mike Abraham Says:

    Thanks for the great article. It address a common question in our industry.

    So do you prefer one over the other – internet versus traditional? Obviously, you’ve got mad skills on the web. Is that where you’re spending your resources?

  2. Soomin Says:

    Mike, thanks for your comment.

    Network Marketing has always been about building relationships and catering an opportunity to the needs of what a prospect is looking for. Whether it be better health, elevated finances, more free time, a social circle, etc. That in itself is the core of how business is built… with integrity and for the long term. I just DON’T feel the Internet Marketing has aligned with that vision. Rather there is an limited few whom have dominated the Internet traffic process (Google Adwords, pay-per-click marketing, etc.) and from there have sold others in the the idea of trying to duplicate that process as well.

    With that being said, the Internet Marketing is here to stay. It is my desire to use the internet to help others with their traditional business as opposed to them spending even more money on trying to develop a web presence and become the next Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, etc., which is possible…. not very probable.

    With that the answer to your question is that I prefer using my resources to build traditional and offline. The secret to building offline is really NO secret at all. It’s a matter of being supported and trained properly. However I am going to use the Internet to share that value for those that are looking for support. Hopefully I will be a voice of reason to those looking to open their wallet and purchase every “online lead generation” system, or “secret to online success” e-book they come across.

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