Video: Take More Shots!

It is said that the only real difference between a top distributor and someone that is struggling is that the successful have reached out and been rejected by more people. In the process of these rejections, they’ve also gained valuable experience and have also received a large number of victories as well.

Understanding this, I see many new distributors go through training, however reluctantly prospect a few people here and there; many times holding out for their best friend or family member that may or may not accept the particular opportunity. Using a basketball analogy I call this, “holding on to the ball”. What is happening they are placing their livelihood in this business on one or two shots… when they should be taking as many shots as they possibly can! They should be sorting, prospecting and utilizing much more possible partnership contacts then the few they hold on to so dearly.

I am not a fan of the term, “its a numbers game,” but friends… it really is. Take a look at this video to show you more of what I mean.

Shoot more often,

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