MLM Redemption Video Series: My Platform ….Coming Soon.

February 7, 2011

MLM Redemption, smor·gas·bord

I hope that this post finds everyone well; as we are a week deep into the second month of 2011. I have been quite busy building business and helping develop a number new leaders that are well on their way to impacting the lives of so many more. In addition I will be getting married in a few months (eeek), so do forgive my lack of recent material on the site. However…. that is about to change!

It has become evident to me that there are a large percentage of my viewers and subscribers that are not actually network marketers (mainly employees). In fact, they have very little idea of what it is that I do, or what this site stands for.

I believe that as we enter a time where independent business and network marketing become more and more widely known – it is a good idea that I take one step back to establish my values and standards; setting my platform on several issues. Mainly why the average person is CRAZY for NOT building some sort of an asset for themselves and/or why an MLM distributorship may be their greatest option.

This will provide MASSIVE and simplified value/analogies to aid and support you in building your business – but also giving this site a platform on where I stand on various topics such as: ‘The value or lack thereof for higher education’, ‘the pit of owning a traditional small business’, ‘the total misconception of this industry’ and the issue of ‘loving money,’ to name a few. I will also include some interviews with people you NEED to hear from.

So with that being said my friend…. I AM BACK (not that I ever left)! Stay tuned for this series of videos to begin rolling out in the next week!

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