MLM: Can You Succeed With More Than One Company At A Time?

I recently received a question from someone in the community that covers a topic that I’m often questioned about. I feel it would best serve to share the question and my answer with you.

Out of all the other MLMers, I like your approach…I love alternative products like ASEA, Zrii and MonaVie. I’ve heard you should concentrate on one product, otherwise team members will not take you serious and you will not have influence. However, each product I like serves different purposes and I would like to promote all (3) of them. I know they all work and are very effective. How can I make myself stand out where people come to me (unsolicited) to try the product so they can feel the difference or possibly start a business? Thanks for your help!

-MaryAnne Schampaert

Hi MaryAnne-

…There are a few different topics in your question and I will try to decipher each on separately. First, from an opportunity standpoint it is best served to promote and focus your efforts on one company. If the particular company promotes a binary compensation plan, it serves you to build that as strong and as deep as possible and to put your focus on that. Statistics show that the most successful individuals have focused on one company (at a time). Especially if you are utilizing competing companies, such as the ones you named; they are essentially in the same industry and are competing against each other. It would be similar to being a representative of Nike and Reebok at the same time. Although each individual model shoe of each company may serve a different purpose, they are essentially competitors.

Most large MLM companies frown upon this behavior and have a tendancy to limit your distributorship one way or another.

If you are interested in just promoting all three of them, than by all means promote! However if you are interested in building credibility as a leader in order to make substantial income and success as a distributor, then it’s a good idea to stick to one distributorship. If you are an expert internet marketer, you may be able to pull off a different product or opportunity, however I believe integrity is best served if it is not a competing product in the same category.

This also brings up the reason why I tend to favor companies that have a more complete product line. It becomes more marketable as opposed to a condensed single product or juice. It’s been shown that companies can be successful with one juice or condensed product-line. However I believe that there are more long-term benefits with a full range products. Not an outrageous line (ie. Amway), but a complete line of health-related products that work in different methods, but in conjunction. Single product companies, as successful as they may seem, are subject to danger in my opinion. History has shown that they can be gone as quickly as they have risen (ie. Metabolife).

Lastly, you asked how you might attract unsolicited customers for your health products. It’s important that you exude health and a genuine enthusiasm for healthy-living, people will be naturally drawn to what it is you do to remain the way that you are and you can move forward by letting them know what you utilize! In the realm of business opportunity, in order to attract, you mush position yourself as a leader. In short if you are looking to stand out in traditional network marketing you need to become a person of massive value. I discussed this very topic in an earlier video article.

If you are looking to stand out utilizing the internet, then you need the right system in order to brand yourself properly.

To Your Success,


8 Responses to “MLM: Can You Succeed With More Than One Company At A Time?”

  1. Erica Jones Says:

    Hey Soomin- great post as usual. I agree with having one primary MLM business. It is distracting and confusing for many people if they have too many choices. Find one you can be passionate about and put your heart and soul into it.

    I do however very strongly believe in a sales funnel and not relying completely on your primary business to bring home the bread. You need complimentary affiliate products and services so that even if a person says “no” to your opportunity there is still a chance you can “sell” them something else they need to build theirs.

    Again- thanks for putting out information that people want and need. It’s refreshing! Cheers!


  2. Soomin Says:


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad we share the importance of really holding just one opportunity.

    Sales funnels are obviously important and what most traditional networkers are unfamiliar with is the abundance of money that can be made with the right affiliate partnerships; sources that only help the building of ones own business.

    It’s nice to recieve several different checks from several different sources right! I respect all that you are doing. Keep rocking it!

  3. Brett Hayes Says:

    Reading this reminds me of my late room mate. That guy was one of the smartest persons I know, but he was a little too original for my tastes though. Anyways I liked reading this, thanks. Will give me something to talk about when I see him.

  4. Jorin Cowley Says:

    Bonjour, Soomin

    I believe it was Confucius that said “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither” Great post, I like your style and intellect, Cheers!


  5. Soomin Says:

    Jorin- Excellent quote, quite relavant! Thank you for that.

  6. MOHAMMAD Says:

    i want to ask any one who know the really answer….

    is it legal to register in more than mlm company??

    OR i am now in two company.. quest-net and vivo international ….

    is this ok or i will be knockout from one of these???

  7. Soomin Says:

    Mohammad – To answer your question, yes its legal to be a part of two companies. Unless otherwise stated. You are an independent associate and that is your right to create different streams of income. Now that is not to say that one company would not discourage you from entertaining another opportunity (especially a competing product or service) by taking away specific bonuses and privileges, but for the most part you should be free to do so. I would advise checking with each individual companies’ compliance dept. to understand their policy on such, however I have noticed that it is the more established companies that are more strict.

  8. MOHAMMAD Says:

    thanks Soomin … i will check the dept. of each company .. but i wish to be part of each company…each one have special plan and products..thanks again 😀

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