Negative Internet Content Hurting Your MLM Business?

You complete a great presentation for your opportunity; your prospect is absolutely excited about the possibilities and has a few more questions that you promptly handle. After taking each concern apart one by one, the prospect may say something to the affect of “I’m in, but I just need to (______)  first and then I will enroll.

At this point we are taught to handle several objections, pursue closing, have them continue to fill out the contact information of the application regardless, etc. The fact of the matter is, in many cases, the prospect will not be enrolling at that moment and even to the best ‘closers’ this is just a part of the business.

What happens next?

The next day, this prospect of yours, whom was absolutely excited and on the verge of joining you in your business has a change of heart, or in many cases avoids any further contact with you.

What happened within 24 hours that completely changed the landscape of this agreement? How does volcano chill into an iceberg  in such a short amount of time?

Two words: GOOGLE Search.

A "Researcher's" (AKA: Skeptics) Best Friend

When one develops a strange rash on their arm, you can Google several articles and be connected with people that have shared similar incidents. When one is interested in purchasing a new car, Google is the answer to be directly connected with reviews and ratings of a particular model.

I’m a huge fan of movies, I love going to the theatre. However, (and my friends know this about me) I’ll only spend money on those films that receive decent reviews and ratings… why? Because movies are getting more expensive and after a diet soda, popcorn and a few tickets, I’m now looking at a $30 evening and a 2-3 hour commitment, so needless to say, I value my time!

You now have a prospect on the verge of investing $200-$2000, a lifelong commitment of intention and belief, their personal integrity of their name, and the most important commodity of all: time. What do you think they are going to do? Not to mention they may have never experienced the idea of independent business or having to “pay” to begin a “job” or “opportunity.”

Your damn right they’re going to Google it and what are they going to find!?

Well, they’ll most likely find the corporate site, some extended Press Releases and commercials, and  what else? This will also be joined by a variety of negative headlines dealing with terms such as “scam,” “pyramid,” “fraud,” “lawsuit,” etc.

Like a lighter to the wick of a skeptic-bomb, this will typically infuse a wild goose-chase of one article or blog to the next, sometimes coming in contact with court documents, to explicit forum posts and arguments, to those whom dedicated a website / hub with the main purpose is blogging about “fraud discovery” etc.

By now the inundation of all this negativity has your prospects heart racing and at that moment may consider you a “scam artist” and or even “fooled” yourself.

With A Few Simple Searches You Can Go From A Potential Business Partner To A Scam Artist In The Mind Of A Prospect

…The last thing on their mind is filling out an application with their social security number and credit card information.

Does this resonate with you? Can you relate to this situation? Have you sometimes wondered why a prospect gives you objections such as, ” I just don’t think this is for me,” or “I need to do some more research.” What they’re really saying is, “leave me the heck alone, I’ve found some shady stuff on the net about your “opportunity”!

Friends, if you’ve been in this business long enough, you will inevitably deal with this situation. Or worse, you will have new downline that have never dealt personally with (NIAS) Negative Internet Article Syndrome, but due to one of their prospects dealing with it, they too are now affected and come crying to you or questioning you. I know I did.

(By the way, yes I tend to make up my own acronyms (NIAS), bare with me.)

Friends, the Internet is our best friend, and in many ways our worst enemy. I’m not here to defend every company, I really can’t.  However, I know that there is no such thing as a perfect company and no industry is perfect.

We must be mindful that popular corporations such as Macintosh, Ford, TWA, McDonald’s, etc. deal with lawsuits on a daily basis… even more for publicly-traded companies whom are forced to deal with public interests in the profit success / failure game. People are trying to make money with the rise and fall of any company on the New York Stock Exchange and many of these companies deal with short sellers (those that invest and make money when a stock plunges). Network Marketing companies make great targets for these crooks.

Make no mistake, we are in an industry that has very little, if any, public relations department. In other words, it is up the individual network marketer, the independent distributor to be equipped to handle these situations.

When negative articles and lawsuits are birthed, if the allegations are serious enough, a good company should always address their distributorship with email from a high level representative and/or through select leaders and onto their downline, eventually getting to everyone.

If your company does not, call them and ask to speak with someone in a position of information, after all, your name is on the line as much as theirs.

Moving ahead, the best way to handle these types of situations is to understand them yourself. Here is a list that may help you to better understand, thus be able to communicate to your own downline regarding this subject and situation.

– There is little to no protection for MLM companies to the public. Only a select amount of MLM companies use traditional advertising, thus media outlets don’t feel obligated to protect them once something negative arises to the surface.

Example:If there is a product review for a new cell phones in a magazine and it requires the publication to review a Samsung product, if Samsung happens to advertise in the issue, most likely the editor will avoid an unfavorable product conclusion as Samsung is a paying advertiser. This means when your MLM company is faced with a negative article, lawsuit, etc. the media has no obligation to protect it, thus they not only will publish the negative news, they’ll share the news with other outlets. 

Remember that your commissions are taking the place of the any budget that the company would utilize in traditional means of advertising such as television commercials, billboards, celebrities, magazines, etc. Hence the term “word-of-mouth” distribution, get it?

-Understand that the term Pyramid is a perception and not information.

Example: In other words, when trying to identify a brand new color, one may use other colors to help describe what one is looking at. “It looks a little bluish, green, etc.” When a compensation plan is explained, the form of leverage is very unique and unfamiliar with many, so they will perceive it as, “it looks a little like a pyramid, or scam etc.” Again when it comes to this subject the media is as guilty as a non-journalist. Truth is very few people can explain what a ‘pyramid scheme’ actually is.

-AVOID searching these allegations on your own!

Trying to dive into negative articles on your own for “research” is a waste of time and will give relevance to many of those negative articles. Thus, search engines will begin to place that information closer to the front  pages of Google. Involving yourselves in forum discussion(s) is all the same and produces relevance to the subject. This is what these publishers want you to do! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Ignore it, focus on building your business and move on!

The majority of the negative article publishers and form administrators are just another form of  a “disgruntled employee.” This is their way of going “postal.”

They didn’t find their own success, they’ve become jealous of others, and have many of their own personal insecurities, this actually leads to many of them attacking health product companies.

These “authors” will use many “half-truths” and circumvent their own propaganda with their writings.

Example:XYZ company claims to produce high quality nutritional products and uses “Dr. Steve’s” journal to substantiate their claims of potency (true), however it is known that Dr. Steve is a secret employee of XYZ (false). But the beginning knowledge of this journal, makes people believe the entire statement to be true. Half-truth philosophy is incredibly persuasive to the recreational prospect.

-Remember that people make emotional decisions and justify them with logic.

In other words, it’s much easier to explain this information with an enrolled distributor whom will fight to understand than an uncommitted prospect whose skepticism will typically always win. So yes, I’m saying it … get better at closing on the spot!

Friends, having to deal with these types of objections can be tiresome and fighting the World Wide Web can be a real drag in this business. This is all the more reasons why I do utilize the Internet to market my business as these “skeptics” and “weak” prospects are not worth my time.

I recommend utilizing Tim Sales’ “First Class MLM” which is considered our industry’s closest thing to a Public Relations firm. Mr. Sales was recently interviewed by Larry King regarding MLM at a private convention. I have sent many confused prospects to his site.

MLM Public Relations Expert Tim Sales Explaining To Larry King The Misconceptions Of Network Marketing

I’m realizing I’ve only skimmed the surface on this issue of  negative Internet article searches and how it affects your business. This issue is ongoing and it is absolutely important for you to understand, in order to negate its effect on you and your business.

I will have to return with a Part II on this very subject.

In order to supplement your prospecting and business growth, you must utilize the Internet to generate quality leads for you. If you’re like me, you may begin to feel how much time you have wasted in prospecting and presenting to those whom ultimately let the Internet and their own skepticism rob you of your valuable time, not to mention the emotional set back each situation creates.

I’d like to hear from you on how and your business may have been affected by negative search results regarding your opportunity. Please comment below to share your own stories and how it has may have affected your business.  

To Your Success,

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