Video: An Interview with Network Marketing Royalty: Collette Larsen

Network Marketing Royalty? Absolutley. Collette Larsen is the #1 Income Earner of her primary opportunity: USANA Health Sciences; the 18-year science-based cellular nutrional company. Folks, this is no start-up, but rather a stable, powerhouse of company in this industry and considered by many industry experts as the most balanced company with their compensation, products and third-party credibility.

Although being the top dawg of a company like USANA does earn her the right to be considered MLM Royalty, more than that, Larsen embodies all the elements of what network marketing can offer someone whom is in desperate times, single parent of five, no business experience, and just a high school diploma; that is the biography of Larsen’s situation prior to USANA.

I had a chance to catch up with her at a recent live event to ask some questions and have her share some thoughts for those of you currently struggling in this industry. She has a tremendous amount of value to offer, so do pay close attention.

Thank You Collette,

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