10 Reasons Why You Need A College Student In Your Network Marketing Business NOW!

Students really? Yes really! Look I know some of you are saying to yourself, “yea I got a few kids in my downline that are in college”…and if so…great! This article isn’t so much about enrolling someone of college age that happens to be in school this is more about the value of building a team, that produces massive growth….establishing and eventually leaving a MLM legacy on a particular school.

I want to start by saying that I have not personally left a legacy on any particular campus… yet. I will judge that as time passes. What I have accomplished is the beginning of something absolutely wonderful and empowering, which began with one student and duplicated to about fifty more, and hundreds of customers within a semester.

Now it isn’t easy to penetrate a campus… its difficult enough to enroll a student that is completely engulfed in the college experience, but even more difficult to develop a culture and duplicating team. With that being said, it’s absolutely worth it! I am not here to share with you exactly how I did it, (note: I am not a college student, I’m several years removed from being in college) however I’d like to share with (10) value points to keep in mind and/or share with students that you may encounter. These points will also show you the massive benefits of conquering such a challenge.  

Possible donwline or dunce?

Before I begin, a few quick tips to keep in mind-

– Don’t focus on a large number, look for one or two “leaders.”

– Commuter schools do not work as well as resident-filled universities with a majority dorm population.

 The Ten Values of Campus MLM

 1-     Part-Time Income: Obviously. Many of these students are dependent completely upon their parents. They survive off of $500-$1000 a month, so the idea of making extra cash (legally) outside of a job is the greatest idea since 18 and over clubs.

2-     Real World Experience: Students take great value in the idea of “work experience.” They hear that term thrown around all their life and sharing with them that they will not only experience “marketing” at its grass-root core, it’s almost considered a “paid-internship!” The idea of promoting and representing a brand and/or product (like celebrities do) is a very appealing draw.

3-     Environment: Unlike the “real world” or life outside of school, there is very little that the students don’t know about each other. In other words the objection of being “too busy” isn’t acceptable. The truth is that there is A LOT of downtime throughout the school semester and it’s spent on video games, gossip, and eating.  I literally remember beginning one of my first presentations on campus and having to walk from dorm to dorm on one floor talking to students that were each completely engulfed in their internet gaming. By “environment,” I also mean that nobody’s really going anywhere, if they do, they’re coming back. So again; less excuses.

4-     Business Fraternity/Sorority”: The name says it all. Just replace the hazing, partying, drinking with presentations, training, and studying the compensation plan. I’ve seen this happen. Completely focused and like-minded students, having an absolute blast, spending an entire Friday night discussing strategy and compensation!

Actual candid photo of the excitement a downline tree brings to some of my students.

5-     Perpetual Stability: Much like the example above, every year there is an entirely new class of students (Freshman) willing to look and listen. Each year the group before has the ability to grow their downline with new partners, the pattern continues over and over, just like a fraternity and sorority.

6-     Massive Customer Base: Within a school year there are several breaks, or vacation times. Many students come from all over the country to attend school, this means when they arrive home for the winter, spring and summer, they are more than likely building their customer base with family and friends. It works just as it did when they were younger; selling cookies and magazine subscriptions. Families and extended family tend to be very supportive.

7-     National Growth: I found that many of my students were enrolling their hometown friends that were attending different schools. They come together during the summer and spend months training and hanging out…this is the possibility of hitting a new campus… naturally! With the internet, their really are no limits as they utilize iChat and Skype to present to their new downline located in other schools, other states.

8-     Computer Savvy: College students are incredibly computer savvy. Blogging, webinars, video conferencing, and emails are a part of their DNA, which makes communication very efficient and internet marketing an easy progression.

9-     Materialistic: The idea of a new car or impressing their peers, at this point in their life (their WHY), is as important as any other reason to which people begin in MLM.

10-  Team Sports: Especially with a health product, you can really create sparks within a sports program by approaching student athletes. Some of these kids are very athletic and are unafraid to also approach their coaches and staff about a product or opportunity. I was lucky enough to work with the #1 and #2 Freshman football recruits in my particular experience. There is leadership and confidence among athletes that naturally translate to business.

Candid photo I shot of an actual student presenation in a dorm, led by a student presenting. Duplication is beautiful thing.

I hope that I was able to share with you the abundance potential of a college campus. Personally, I feel great that I may provide a student several options to pursue their passion as opposed to falling into the categories of “profession” once graduated…not to mention the best way to handle student loans, is begin paying them off prior to graduation right?

Redemption For Higher Education,

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15 Responses to “10 Reasons Why You Need A College Student In Your Network Marketing Business NOW!”

  1. joshuaMcoburn Says:

    The college campus is such a RIPE place to begin a mlm business! I’ve heard so many stories as well as seen first hand how a new-comer to an opportunity can come along as a freshman and begin to build a team for themselves!

    First post i’ve seen about this subject, very informative.

  2. Jim Chao Says:

    Soomin! great info man. These are some of the strategies I utilize in my early years of network marketing. I had some degree of results penetrating UC Davis and UCSD.

    Jim Chao

  3. soomin Says:

    Josh- You are a leader and a prime example of what can be done on a college campus, keep pounding away.

    Jim- Thanks for your input, its obvious you gained valuable experience in all of your endeavours that lead you to understand the business the way you do today. Thanks for your input and support.

  4. Ashwin K Says:

    In the next four years, UCSD is going to blow up : ] Many of my friends, also incoming Freshmen, are going to Davis and all of the UC’s. It’s gonna be exciting! This is a great article, and I’d love to know more!

  5. Soomin Says:


    Who is going to argue against your enthusiasm!? Just remain consistence and persistent, the college arena holds much opportunity but just as many opposition as well. If you can begin and maintain a solid group of committed individuals .. the rest is just details. Also as a college student it is to YOUR advantage to be very current with economic, and financial current events to help educate your fellow classmates on why it is so important to build something for themselves. Anyways thanks for owning your goal and putting it in writing on this site. Stay connected and keep me updated on how things go.

  6. Laurence Hatman Says:

    Hi, I can not realize how you can add your site in my rss reader. Can you Aid me, please

  7. Simon Says:

    Great post Soomin! Totally in line with how I’m building my business. Would love to chat sometime to get some more insight from you and your experience with approaching campus business partners! Look forward to connecting with you soon!

  8. Mel Sayloe Says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. .

  9. Devon Rice Says:

    This is a great article. I just wrote a blog last night about college students and network marketing… This helps confirm what I believe.

  10. Soomin Says:

    Awesome Devon, do share a link…. would love to read it.

  11. Robin Says:

    Great post! I am 18 and took the first semester of college off. Got started in my first network marketing business and look forward to building it once I go to school in a couple of weeks!

  12. Soomin Says:

    Robin, all I can say is congrats on beginning your journey at a young age. Inevitably there are challenges with the younger generation but I am jealous that I was NOT introduced to this industry when I was your age. Make the most of it, as it is an answer for many.

  13. Josh Says:

    Great Reminder of the potential for momentum among ambitious students!
    I’m so happy Soomin wrote this post years ago.

  14. Bruce Says:

    I have seen the power of college MLM .

    Can spread like wildfire, and also be quite challenging with those who do not succeed before they quit.

    You need to be focused on the 4% of students who are NOT AVERAGE.

    Successfully yours,

  15. Soomin Says:

    The College campus and Generation Y in general is a double edged sword – the pros are that they can build with energy and build very quickly, the cons typically range from the fact that as quickly as they can build — just as quick can they disperse and lose interests — so the fact that any long term business takes time coupled with the fact that college students are looking for IMMEDIATE gratification — it takes some concrete immediate training for these youth to calibrate their philosophy. Good stuff Bruce!

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