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There is a term that exists and it impacts me personally, more than any other. It’s a verb that provides me  hope and strength any time I hear it or ponder its meaning. Seldom used, but when utilized, it provides such a hopeful wonder and is to me a prime motivator to never give up. That word is Redemption.

Redemption is defined in the dictionary with various terms:

The act, process, or an instance of:

– freeing from distress or harm
– changing for the better
– atonement
– repair, restore

Redemption is a very empowering word and my goal for each of you is that you will experience this phenomenon in your business and in your personal life.” –Soomin Kim

After breaking through and finding his own success in network marketing, Soomin was methodical in observing and identifying the many roadblocks and deficiencies that keep the very failure rate high in this industry. He believes that there is a lack of proper training, information and consistent mentorship that attributes to individual failure.

“An emphasis on mass recruitment without proper training is not only selfish, but a recipe for disaster; it’s no wonder so many people have not turned a profit.”

It is not his desire to be considered THE answer to each individual’s issues, rather it is his goal to be able to share his knowledge, experience and personal value to those whom may seek assistance in turning it around those interested in redemption for their efforts.

In addition to traditional methods of business including: prospecting, presentations, trainings, etc. Soomin is an expert in his understanding the Internet Marketing Industry as well.

“The Internet and Attraction Marketing systems have become an MLM to themselves, taking advantage of those that are failing in this business in hopes of becoming the next Jonathan Budd or Mike Dillard. The truth is that the failure rate and ratio does not differ from traditional network marketing!”

–   Anyone on the internet could mask themselves as a “leader” without having experienced any real success.  There are literally thousands of web pages and blogs of brand new networkers that are positioning themselves as experts. This is a problem; it’s confusing, and rather misleading.

–    The majority of the Internet marketing community completely bashes the “traditional” methods of marketing in order to promote their own interests. (The truth is that those whom lack the skill sets of the traditional marketer, also lack online success.)

The majority of you are desperately seeking a way to finally get into profit, advance your current rank, build a thriving downline. You envision seeing yourself on stage at the next event… a chance that you might finally find your niche that explodes your business.

I will not guarantee financial success, however I will promise to add value to you and your business in such a way that it may in fact lead to your increased productivity and results in your business.

I feel blessed of what this industry and business has done for my life and this is my way of paying it forward to those of you seeking the same.

To learn more about Soomin, please visit My Story’page on this site.

Facts About Soomin:

-Soomin is currently in the top 1% of income earners in a company that boasts more than 170,000+ distributors.

– He is a member of the ‘Growth-100’ for 2009-2012, a prestigious class of those that have gained the highest increase in actual commission from one year to the next.

-2010-2011 Top -50 Associate Enroller Recognition

-Member of the IDC (Independent Distributors Council) Executive Council for 2012.

– He holds the title of ‘Lifetime Platinum Pacesetter’ in his primary opportunity.

Enjoy Some Bits N’ Pieces Of My Life …

Speaking On Marketing At A Company Event – Anaheim, CA.
Receiving An Award On Stage In Front Of Thousands At An International Convention
With Some Of My Downline After Receiving The Award
Good Friends Make Great Business Partners
Celebrating With Friends For My Birthday
Deserted Beach – Middle Of Nowhere
La Familia
My Fiancee and I Checking Out Our Future Wedding Location – Laguna Hills, Ca.
Spending My Hard Earned Money On What Else… Gas
My “Office Cubicle” Orange County, CA.

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