February 17, 2015


The GREATEST Silent Killer of ALL Business: INCONSISTENCY

LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity.
Friends those of you that KNOW me, especially those of you that have known me in this business for years KNOW that the ONE thing that I will preach OVER and OVER and over and over is CONSISTENCY.

You see the UNSUCCESSFUL only live in a world of REACTING to what they “see”. When they get a yes, they rejoice and when it is a no, they are saddened. It’s a VERY black and white world for them. What the SUCCESSFUL see is that they look AHEAD, they UNDERSTAND that NO’s mean that THE TIMING is NOT RIGHT for that person. They also know that the TIMING in of itself is NOT the only answer but also the CONSISTENCY of their performance is the KEY to people joining them.

Let me explain, people WATCH you, LIKE ALL the time, ESPECIALLY after you invite them to a presentation or they say NO to your invitation to join your opportunity, they then WATCH YOU VERY CLOSELY to see if they made the WRONG decision by NOT joining you or they made the RIGHT decision by NOT joining your team. WHEN they see you slack off, become inconsistent, at one moment you are focused and gun-ho about your goals and business and now you are taking a “break.” YOU TELL THEM THEY MADE THE RIGHT decision not to join you. EVEN if they had a feeling of maybe looking at USANA again and got curious, simply by YOUR inactivity, focus and CONSISTENCY, they will immediately erase that thought!

Here is the sad thing, YOU DON’T SEE ANY OF THAT, this is ALL happening but it isn’t VISUAL. You just think you are living your life, taking a break, getting excited about other things and “BUSY” with “so much” going on in your life and maybe later you will get “focused” on your business again……… but that is like leaving the barn door open and having ALL the animals of the farm escape but saying to yourself when you get focused again that the animals will all be right where you left them!

……….. and guess what that time does return when you may want to get focused again and you realize , I’M NOT getting the results fast enough and people aren’t responding to me, this reminds me of how HARD this profession is ……. (sigh)………..and the downward spiral begins.

The REASON most unsuccessful people stay at the bottom is of THIS particular pattern. It gets hard so they take a break, thinking they are refreshing themselves and then they try again and its JUST as hard if not HARDER and they think they weren’t cut out for this but what they FAIL to realize is that their INCONSISTENCY has added SO MUCH WEIGHT and DIFFICULTY to an otherwise manageable goal and task!

Try baking cookies and the moment the heat rises, you stop the oven and open the oven door and let it cool and then fire up the oven again and the moment they start cooking, you stop, cool off the oven – open the door and then when its cold you start the over again……….. etc etc. Those COOKIES will NEVER cook properly or to their POTENTIAL! NOT because you weren’t capable or that the dough or oven was not…. but simply the INCONSISTENCY of the process have put the entire operation at a SEVERE disadvantage.

Friends EACH of you have the potential to be TOP EARNERS,  Directors, the ingredients, opportunity, team, system, company, products is ALL in place………HOWEVER for many the hot and cold, stop and go, excited and no longer excited, PUMPED UP and deflated, GUN-HO and GONE, PRESENT and Missing-in-Action, cycle is KILLING —absolutely KILLING NOT just your chances but also ALL THE PROSPECTS THAT ARE AND HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOU.

Friends this is WHY the successful people get “LUCKY” they play the odds…… if people join them— GREAT, if they don’t , great….. whether that varies or not they have RESOLVED to be CONSISTENT regardless. BECAUSE they ARE they “PICK OFF and PICK UP” any potential opportunities and GROW, make money, advance and CYCLE UP to become even MORE motivated and that CYCLE grows bigger and bigger to $50K / a week checks!

The KEY is CONSISTENCY. Turning on the oven and KEEPING THE DOOR CLOSED and NEVER letting the heat leave.

I ask you and encourage you NOW.

-Do you see this as a pattern that may explain your results or lack thereof?

-Do you think you may have lost respect from some of your prospects due to your own lack of consistency in your excitement, message, follow up and follow through?

-Are you a person that is excited 2 months following Convention but the other 10 you are up and down?

If you don’t know where to start…… here is the answer……..JUST START.

-Get involved on your teams communication platforms (calls, FB pages, meetings), RESPOND – don’t just read silently like a stalker – participate.

-Set up a call with your leader, upline, talk about it and make a plan to reinstate, but this time FOR GOOD.

-Ask yourself what were the reasons you began in THE first place.

-SET up a WEEKLY schedule of manageable tasks that you can FOLLOW THROUGH on no matter what.


BE A FINISHER in this LIFETIME —- way TOO MANY people leave earth and this life NOT FINISHING what they set out to do. WE HAVE ONE FREAKING LIFE and ONE SOUL and you want to UPLIFT that FINISHING spirit for it has seeds of greatness for greater things that are NOT revealed to the weak, flimsy, inconsistent.

Lastly, I have LOOKED people IN THE EYE. I have COMMITTED that I would lead them in this business, that THIS OPPORTUNITY has the potential to change theirs. I DO NOT take that lightly – if you have EVER sponsored someone – [whether they are active or not] – KNOW you made the SAME commitment – your integrity and name are more important that money itself…… be someone with integrity in FOLLOW THROUGH and CONSISTENCY. LET that be what people think of when they see your name and I promise if that is the theme —– success, money, advancements, recognition, ALL of that will FOLLOW.

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January 10, 2014


A List of 7 Desires and Circumstance That Drive Someone To Get Started In Network Marketing



The Seven most encountered individuals and needs in my Network Marketing business.

I believe that ultimately a business is designed to MAKE SOMEONE’s LIFE BETTER. So a simple direction you can take to judge an opportunity is what need can a network marketing opportunity meet? One way to answer the question of the needs that an Network Marketing opportunity meets, is simply to assess the needs of those individuals interested in gettingstarted. Now certainly the most common denominator is MONEY or additional INCOME (not in ALL cases) but the real question is WHY? What would it be allocated for? What goal or desire will this income help to achieve?

Let’s take a look at the SEVEN different individuals & desire that I encounter MOST often (– the use of “he” or “she” is alternately used to represent both male and female)

Here are the SEVEN in NO PARTICULAR order.

Mother feeding baby while on phone

The Stay-At-Home Mom: How Can I contribute financially to my family?


-The Stay-At-Home Mom-

Yes I said mom, and NOT dad. Not being sexist, this is just what I encounter almost all the time (for this situation). The family is currently living under a single income and the mother is at home raising the child or children. Dad is working way too hard and too many hours and two things happen:

1) The kids barely see their father (perhaps morning and then in the evening before bed).
2) The mother feels helpless of not being able to contribute financially to relieve the burden of the husbands labor. Often times I hear, “I just want to help out and being at home and raising, I don’t Know what I can do.” This is also why you have seen an influx of “Etsy Moms.”

The problem is that many times mothers are only thinking of “Jobs” which is NOT possible for them to attend to while raising their children. So it is the network marketing model, that offers the flexibility to work from home, with no set schedule that intrigues this individual. Most powerful tool they have in their favor is that they can choose to partner with others that are in the exact SAME situations they are—this is why the majority of this industry is made up of women! QUICK FACT: Only 6% of women in the U.S make over $100K a year, of that 6% — 80% make it in Network Marketing! Nothing says, I want to help the family out financially, like a stay-at-home mom that earns more than their leave-for-work husband!

-The Suspicious College Student-


Somethings NOT right, I thought AFTER college you are NO LONGER supposed to be BROKE!


I didn’t say just ANY college student, this is the “suspicious” one. The one that is doing exactly what his parents asked him to do, but realizing that those that graduated before him, and even his parents (whom are the ones that encouraged this traditional route) aren’t living a life, or earning an income that he would desire for himself. This student is realizing that the statistics that of 70% of college graduates are NOT using their major and is realizing that he’s only real guarantee is a hefty (maturing) student loan debt once this is completed…coupled with the fact RIGHT NOW he’s BROKE.

The suspicion leads this individual to become Interested in network marketing’s earning potential and just as important– REAL WORLD leadership skills provided – NOT taught in schools. Non-fiction success books being encouraged and read that shift their paradigm more than ANY text book encountered. This individual is in “learning mode” and ready to call upon other “suspicious” colleagues as Lion-O called upon his Thundercats during times of distress and enlightenment. (90’s cartoon reference applied).

-The Burnt Out Gen X’er-

Closeup of stressed business man with clasped hands looking down on black background

Gen X: I get to wear a suit to work every day this is GREAT! Not. I’m OVER this. After years the only person getting ahead is my boss.


Generation X, the one that came after the Baby Boomers, but prior to Gen Y – this individual is just BURNT OUT. In his mid-late 30’s he’s come to a realization that $50-$75K in salary is barely enough to make ends meet for him and his growing family. Unlike the younger generation he faces the cold reality that he just isn’t special and he didn’t get his BIG break. He’s also realizing that 35-40% of his paycheck is deducted every two weeks and goes to TAXES! When talking to him, he’s certainly proud of his career and able to speak confidently about what he’s doing, but when you dig deeper, you realize he has fallen way short of his outlook.

The power comes of this generation comes from the fact that they are too old to be naïve, but young enough to create mental and entrepreneurial change that can steer the REST of their life in a whole other direction. Because these individuals have experienced and are experiencing the “Real World” they quickly understand the appeal of being able to build something on the side and begin the beauty of creating individual leverage. They also realize how much they do NOT want to work for a boss or a supervisor for the rest their life.

-Community Seeker-


This individual is attracted to the camaraderie within an organization. The positivity that radiates from a “team.” They are attracted to the desire of being around NOT just a community but one that is filled with positivity, encouragement and support. In life she’s realized that as you get older, social dissidence can sometimes set in, that it’s hard to meet new people. These individuals are NOT typically motivated by money, but motivated by a social circle, the social media ‘likes’ that are shared within a group, the pictures of events and travel. The overall community is what this person is seeking. I’ll go as far as to say that these people usually find something MUCH MORE valuable than money and that is life-long friendships. I am reminded often that the basic needs of humans are the same: they want to be loved and they want to be accepted, the ‘Community Seeker’ reminds me of this.

-The Saturated Success-


The Saturated Success: You want my help? I can share with you an opportunity.


This person is already successful in the eyes of society. Having a great career and already earning an above average income and carry a great corporate title, perhaps this person already has a business of her own. What this person
becomes attracted to are FOUR aspects–

1) The time-freedom element of a successful network marketing business (they are currently over worked and over stressed)

2)Laughably (to them) LOW start-up costs for a high possible return. (Average small business owners invest $50K just to get something started- so they laugh at less than $1K investment!)

3) This is an opportunity where they can help others that have alwayslooked up to them as the one that “made it.” One time a Saturated Success individual I encountered exclaimed, “everyone’s always looking to me to help them financially or with a job, well now with this, I can
give them an opportunity to work for it and I’ll guide them!’ You see this is a release and an opportunity for them to GIVE BACK and help others.

4) TAX savings. They make A LOT, but they PAY A LOT in taxes and are looking for a relief or a business shelter. (According the former IRS tax attorney Sandy Botkin, individuals NOT owning a home based business are losing $3,000-$9,000 a year in taxes savings!)

-The Unknown Celebrity-


“….once I’m successful, they’ll ALL know my story and my name.”


This individual secretly (and not-so-secretly) craves to have their self-confidence built through success. They realize that not only does network marketing offer a massive income opportunity but also just as big a public recognition component. They’d like to one day be used as an example of success, speak on stage, and inspire others. This person is already considering how the will pose for a picture in their new car that they post on Instagram. ‘The Unknown Celebrity’ has an overwhelming desire to ACHIEVE and be RECOGNIZED. Perhaps this person lacked recognition or this is a chance to re-do a subpar social platform in school whatever the case may be. I believe there is an element of the ‘unknown celebrity’ in all of us, but this specific category has been heavily influenced by pop/ hip-hop culture, MTV and reality television. She thinks she’s a model and he think he’s a mogul. This may sound comical and certainly there’s a fragrance of comedy, but there are many that when viewing the Average income earnings chart for the first time, become hypnotized by this personal grandeur and it moves them to ACT.

-The Organic Customer-


“I just LOVE the products, I’m not interested in the business……. wait what? I could get them for free?”


This person already USES a specific product from a network marketing company. She’s a big believer and purchases monthly. She goes as far as to tell and share with others about it. So much so that one day she’d like to know, “Who gets credit for all these sales?” Realizing that it could be her and with the amount of belief-driven testimonial she is sharing, she could easily have her own products paid for by the referral bonus. She isn’t interested in earning 6-7 figures, being recognized, talking business, she just thinks it would be nice to get the products for free. She becomes a “distributor” officially only after doing it “unofficially.” A majority of the industry is made up of customers that simply want a discount and or the POSSIBILITY of earning a referral bonus. They are GREAT. (SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately this heavy segment is included in statistical failure rate of associates not making money- they’re not trying to really! They just want a discount! Ha.)

Here’s to the joy of meeting others needs,

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March 26, 2013


Who Kobe Bryant is Following.

Social Media has ABSOLUTELY changed the GAME for those that are in the ‘PEOPLE Business.’ It provides a WEB of instantaneous connection with anyone form anywhere at ANY TIME !

This includes Celebrities of all sorts. If you asked me a month ago if there was but ONE celebrity; athlete, actor that I would want THAT back and forth connection with it would be NONE other than my ALL-Time FAVORITE athletes and character of inspiration: Professional Basketball Player, 5-Time NBA Champion Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant. It has NOT been long since it was widely public that he created a Twitter account, achieving his first million followers in a matter of weeks. What was exclusive and the “talk” of the Sports ‘Twitterverse’ would be who HE is personally following. Up to the date of this post it was an exclusive 90 members which include other famous athletes, journalists, news sites, and celebrities.

To keep this post short and quick, there is something to the POWER of attraction and also honing in on skills that you can acquire and adapt to take advantage of in the future. Social Media is one area to which I have been working intensively to understand and explore for several years now. With that being said: yesterday I received the notification of a LIFETIME that read: “Kobe Bryant is NOW following you on Twitter.”

The notification of a lifetime. I may have this printed and framed.


Cheers to the world of Social Media and to its endless opportunities to CONNECT,

Twitter: @soominkim / Instagram: @soominsk


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March 20, 2013


CAUTION: Your Inner Cirlce

This post was originally a personal Facebook status post of mine, with the reception that was received on this particular post, I wanted to make certain that it was cataloged on this site for YOU.

The Inner Circle: I choose to surround myself around those that DESIRE for me to be successful, they want me to excel spiritually, financially, relationally -in EVERY area of my life – they WANT me to become RICH. They celebrate MY success as if it was THEIR OWN and I live my life reciprocating that VALUE to them. In fact I find inspiration in EVERYONE’s success [even people I don’t call friends], as there is ALWAYS something to learn and to take away from others.

Certainly this sounds as it “should be”-this typically ISN’T the case…be cautious of those whom you surround yourselves with..Ive noticed that success or desire for Change/Upgrade [in ANY area of your life] usually threatens others’ OWN complacency and therefore they’ll subconsciously and consciously pull you more towards THEM [down].

When your friends are drunk, they want YOU to be drunk, single friends want you to be single [vice versa], broke friends feel more comfortable about themselves when you’re broke, unhealthy individuals are threatened by friends that begin to order salads….nobody wants to feel “left behind,” I get it…HOWEVER Life is SHORT-You’re NOT living for them-align yourselves IMMEDIATELY with those that are going to inspire you to your greatness and live your passion-inheritance. Be mindful of those in your life/circle that are threatened by THEIR own complacency and fear- because they WILL affect YOU and your journey.

Three questions I constantly ask myself:

1- Who am I around?
2- What effect are they having?

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February 2, 2013


The Living Dead: Conflicting and Limiting Beliefs

Conflicting desires can cause unexplainable frustration.


There’s a saying in this business. “It’s easier to give birth, than to raise the dead,” meaning that it’s better to look for new associates or new “blood” than it is to spend in your energy in trying to revive old associates or those that thrown in the towel…. What about those that don’t know they’re dead; haven’t officially quit but are inconsistent and lack production.

This may be YOU.

In this business there are those actively building with high belief-taking ACTION and those that have mentally quit and inconsistently “go through the motions” tricking themselves to think they are making progress. Here are some hints in identifying if you are in this breed.

Some may THINK they are alive, but they aren't moving or moving much too slow.


Hint #1: Identify if you are looking to achieve Production and Results or are you looking to please upline and the idea of being busy and staying involved. Do you know all the right answers, but have little to show in the way of results?

Hint #2: Is your excitement and energy the FIRST several months of this business- different than it is today? Are you still inviting and sharing with the same enthusiasm or do you feel your initial excitement is internally broken?

Hint #3: Have you found yourself already thinking to yourself of other avenues of creating income (outside of job) then YOUR current opportunity? Perhaps starting your own _________ business?

“Unbeing dead ISN’T being ALIVE.” E.E. Cummings

Check yourself before you continue to wreck yourself. An honest self-evaluation is needed in almost every area of your life, especially independent business in which self-motivation is necessity. Now…if you feel you may be a “walking dead” then the first step is to identify- from there it is to reevaluate your BELIEFS and eliminate the ones that conflict with your desire and purpose. A silent killer in this business is self-sabotage – which is a result of conflicting and limiting beliefs.

In my experience, here are some examples of conflicting beliefs- read these as if they are being internally communicated, not necessarily verbally:

  • ” I want to so badly be successful, financially free, but I want to make sure noone thinks I’m weird for doing this and I need to make sure everyone likes me.”
  • ” This business might work for some people, but none of my friends have money, so I doubt it will work for me…. but I guess I’ll keep trying.”
  • “It’s taken me THIS long and I’m only at THIS level and have made little money, if I bring someone that I know really well into the business, then I will be exposed for my lack of success…. so maybe its better that I don’t really go all out, I don’t want new people know that I haven’t really made it yet…but I really enjoy the personal development aspect of this- so I’ll just continue to be positive…”
  • “I am more spiritual if I am struggling financially since most people at my church aren’t that affluent, perhaps if I pursue financial success they may look down on me for being materialistic.”
  • “I brought some close friends in and they ended up quitting without making a check, I feel bad that they spent money so I don’t want to take anyone’s money again, I’ll just focus on product.”
  • “I was SO excited about this business, but a few people sent me a link to a negative article online and now I am questioning things…so I don’t want to really build this business now but don’t want to hurt my sponsors feelings so I’ll just kind of make excuses of why I won’t or can’t or say something like, “I realize I am too busy these days for this.”
  • “Once I become successful, I will then share this with my friends and family… but they won’t take me seriously until I am successful, so I will just reach out to strangers and try and make it with cold market first.
  • “If I keep writing inspirational quotes on Facebook, people will think I am serious about success and eventually they will ask me about my opportunity. So I’ll just wait for the perfect opportunity after they ask me about it!”

These are just a FEW examples of limiting beliefs that paralyze people from breakthrough and keep them on this ‘walking dead’ treadmill. It’s YOUR time to identify and BREAKOUT of this. They key to breakout and breakthrough is first Identifying. Then it is up to you to share this with someone that is successful and has experienced similar challenges and have them share with you how they overcame.

Wake Up!

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December 4, 2012


The Fortune is in the FIT of it!

Same Guy, Entirely Different Message.


For many people their network marketing experience is also their FIRST entrepreneurial venture as well. With first comes many firsts: first time giving a business presentation, first time feeling the pressure of representing oneself rather than a company or job, first time reading personal development books or listening to audio outside of music… and really the first experience of being a full-time MARKETER!

Having a passion for Gen Y and that being reflected in the percentage of younger generation that I work with in my organization; one of the firsts mainly for men is changing or upgrading apparel and dress. I want to debunk a few myths when it comes to dress attire mainly for men and mainly regarding suits and also discuss the most important factor of appearance regarding business attire.

Network Marketing, especially in certain parts of the Globe and country is in most cases more about the individual more than about the actual company or product. So in affect the industry (especially with the successful) carries a fragrance of material marketing from a watch, shoes, car, home, bag,  etc….. it seems the very first thing most male youth discover is their need for new business appropriate attire. So that is what I am going to touch on.

In the past year I have had more questions on attire and dress than ever before. I’ve been questioned on where I shop for clothes almost every time I have worn a suit for any particular event…. So naturally I want to touch on this subject. You see I believe the question really isn’t where did you buy that, but what they are really asking is, “how do I get it to fit like the way it fits you? So let’s discuss the suit. As aforementioned here are some myths that need to be cleared.

It’s all about the brand- The brand or material really DOESN’T matter in making an impression. (many come to believe that a $2,000 suit is better than one that is less expensive – NOT True. Unlike a car, there is NO badge visible on a suit and therefore not necessarily identifiable)

Wearing a suit regardless of the fit, is more important than not wearing one at all– (NOT True, if the suit is your fathers and it doesn’t fit right, you tend to look MORE desperate and sad than not wearing one at all, it’s better to feel comfortable than wear something of business that doesn’t fit. It always makes me absolutely cringe when seeing youth attending an interview or working at a mall kiosk selling cell phones in an overly fitted double-breasted (90’s) suit…. Even worse with baggy dress pants!

So here is my advice in those of you looking to make an impression of successful appearance with limited resources. Typically begin with a black suit and find one that is inexpensive. As you grow your wardrobe the next color would be a gray, then you may venture off to adding other colors or shades of colors to your suit collection. Inexpensive suits (pants-jacket; $100-$150) can be found at stores like H&M, or discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or to upgrade and pay a little more stores such as Express carry a great collection as well. Again these are NOT the names like Gucci, Varvatos, Vuitton, Hugo that are generally thrown around in the “successory” discussion, BUT how it FITS is really ALL that matters.

"Personal Development Tailor" - Note your body composition will dictate your adjsutment, its not about looking 'SLIM', its about the suit looking FIT.

The NEXT step is the magic step: GET IT TAILORED to fit YOUR body. The FIT my friends makes a $100 suit look like a million bucks and a thousand dollar suit look like Salvation Army goods…. It is the FIT not the BRAND. Find a local tailor, the money that you saved purchasing an inexpensive suit, a portion must NOW to be invested into the fit. Alterations will cost anywhere from $15-$100 depending on the amount of adjustments made.

Or better yet, take in a suit that you ALREADY own and get that fitted, people will think you are wearing something NEW.

I understand the challenge of what it’s like for someone new; the overextended time it takes to wanting to portray success to actually achieving it, trying to tell the world of one’s internal intentions, but are being judged based upon documented success of outward possessions…. May this tip help you adapt to your journey.

When it comes to business apparel, erase from your mind the brand name and place your focus on the FIT. And when asked what kind of suit you are wearing…. Simply answer, “one that fits!”

Keep it Sharp Ninjas,

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May 29, 2012


Success Principle: Mental Inheritance

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of Emerson’s many famous quotes. So simple, to the point and yet one of those that are favored and shared on Twitter accounts and Facebook status’ across the board. I want to focus on the latter half of that… to be “led” by your dreams. Let’s reverse engineer this, bear with me as I will be getting to the point.

Let’s be REAL…one’s dreams of how they spend their time and with whom, where they live, where to be able to travel, the luxuries purchased, the contributions made, the ability to have options in every aspect of their life is always directly aligned to FINANCES.

Robert Kiyosaki said it best, “Money is not the goal. Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.”

With entrepreneurs in the Network Marketing, the ability to build a foundation and a business that will pay passively over the period of a lifetime is certainly the goal to achieve these dreams. Although in the beginning it is sometimes difficult to envision, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary in order to eventually arrive at the destination. Most all NWM companies offer leadership levels or rank advancements for the distributor to keep track or “score” of their progress. It’s critical for you to NOT only understand the qualifications of these levels but for you to become take mental OWNERSHIP of your said rank goal.

Each companies’ titles are vary ranging from Executive, Presidents, Golds, Diamonds, Tripe-Backflip Diamonds, Blue Hawaiian, Obsidians, etc. What is the beginner title of one company could be an advanced of the other. Most companies will adhere to labeling their levels in corporate-type titles and the others with precious gems. The label of such is NOT important, your understanding of what these qualifications are of utmost importance. Again, if you don’t know what it takes to achieve something technically, more than likely you won’t achieve it.

Example of one companies leadership rank in the form of pins.


From the moment I began in my primary opportunity my personal goal was to achieve the level of my companies Gold Director status. Gold Director in my company was about EIGHT levels above the new person getting started and considered a “full-time” compensated position.. Although that was NOT my end goal, it was certainly a stretch goal for someone who was just beginning. I made a mental decision that Gold Director was my inheritance, for all intents and purposes that I was already A GOLD director. I needed to achieve this position in order to initiate the first stage of my short term dreams of owning my time, avoiding the need of an employer, being able to spend more time helping others to do the same.

Thinking BIG is one thing, KNOWING that it is ALREADY YOURS in another.


However I made a MENTAL decision that I was NOT only going to be at this position soon enough, but that I already was. It was just a matter of time until everyone else would come to notice it. I didn’t simply act that way then, thinking that I might write about it later (as I am doing now), but simply recounting some success deviance in myself that not only help me achieve Gold but to surpass that as well.

My thought was, It was like being given a letter of an great inheritance that was left for you by a long lost relative, however in order to claim yours, you must travel a certain distance to obtain it. To me it was NOT a question of “hope” or “if.”

You see MOST people have the lottery mentality of, “I hope I can win,” and just like the lottery many NEVER do. However there are some that have the Inheritance mentality that it is “ALREADY MINE”, I must now take the protocol to redeem it. The latter is where MOST of the successful individuals mindset thrives.

At the time when I began this business I was working approx. 50 hours a week at a corporate job, that took most of my time. Suffice to say that I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked but my inheritance lead me to the

– After working a 10 hour shift at my job (which in itself was 45-60 minutes in traffic from my home), I would drive the opposite way to have business meetings and presentations, coming home very late in the evening to sleep and do it over the next day.

– Instead of always taking lunched with co-workers, I would try to take my hour lunch alone in order to read books on entrepreneurship, personal development and also make calls for my personal business.

– Besides the occasional Laker games, I watched almost NO television following work.

– I spent my weekends setting up meetings and attending as many personal development and company live events.

I was mentally OBLIGATED to accept my inheritance.

I don’t know what it looks like for you, every individual with their responsibilities, families, time is different… but one must make a MENTAL change from, “I hope to one day,” to “it is MY INHERITANCE.”

What inspired me to write today was not just the majority of individuals in the industry and my team that LACK this mindset but a quote from business mogul and multimillion dollar entrepreneur Russell Simmons on his Twitter this morning:

“As you become more enlightened, you’ll have less interest in getting involved in uninspiring, harmful ideas.” – Russell Simmons

For myself I have been able to surpass my original goals, but have a fresh set of new ones that are going to be a stretch, but ones that I have mentally CLAIMED as my INHERITANCE. Having been able to travel a process of completing some initial achievements and knowing what it takes, I cannot express how TRUE this quote is from someone who has obviously encountered his on who ANOTHER level.

I see so many people “wanting” the fruits of success but NOT moving away from uninspiring, harmful distractions or ideas. I can’t tell you how many things I see people being robbed of their inheritance… from television, video games, softball leagues, alcohol, frequent vacations, new hobbies, distraction of new relationships, UN-supportive relationships, etc. Make no mistake I am NOT saying that these are NOT important to an individual and their joy by any means, what I am saying is that Major consistency in this business to achieve your goals and inheritance will birth you future time to NOT only enjoy and pursue certain recreations but on a far higher level.

The most successful entrepreneurs don't know the finalist of American Idol, nor who got kicked off of an island last night...and they certainly don't know the secret firepower needed to pass the next stage on your fantasy game.


So as I hope to enlighten you, my desire is that you will become less interested in DISTRACTION…. From uninspiring ventures and “time-robbers” that ultimately do NOT lead to your goals, dreams and that of your loved ones.

The amount of excitement that “weekend warriors” have for their upcoming Vegas trip or their plans for Coachella, if that fervor was placed into the consistency of building up ones leveraged business, they may one day live a life of leisure as opposed to hoping for breaks of release and fun in their otherwise “9-5, paycheck to paycheck” lifestyles. You can be a “rockstar” for a weekend and post those pictures up on your Facebook, or you can perhaps live the life of one.

The quintessential "we got a private table at a club" group photo in Vegas.... but they return to reality come Monday.


My apologies for ranting a bit, actually no I don’t apologize for what I said, just perhaps losing my structure somewhat.

Time is incredibly precious friends, for we cannot make that back. As individuals we were created infinite potential, however for some of you that would only claim your inheritance, perhaps that mental act would lead you to begin to cultivate your life, how you spend your time, into a more fruitful series of activities; ones that lead you towards and not away.

Let’s move forward together,

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November 9, 2011


Deciphering The “Hater” Mentality






FACT: Being ambitious, empowered and successful while simultaneously being liked by everyone is IMPOSSIBLE. One of the cosmic battles that exists is the desire for acceptance, love – or basically the fear of rejection – wrestling with our desire for SUCCESS! In other words, the idea of becoming massively successful in any area of life (health, business, relationships, etc.) and also being loved by all is simply unrealistic desire. For every successful individual you will find a sufficient volume of critics. Now it’s easy to discuss this of celebrities , as we know every famous actors, artist, musicians have his/her fair share of “enemies”, but it isn’t easy to digest when we take ordinary individuals (like you and I) and balance and weigh our desire for success against the fear of rejection.

Why do you think every successful hip-hop artists that makes it, has a song dedicated to their OWN haters? Jay-Z knows ALL about them.

How much resistence do you think a young Steve Jobs expereinced when wanting to change the landscape of consumer computer products?


It’s a known psychological fact that people are MORE lead by their fears then they are their desires. As humans we will take more action at a sense of loss than we would for chance at opportunity.

Success takes massive leadership, and with leadership one is exposed to possible rejection. You step outside with your shoulders and head held high, confident and empowered, excited to change your life you’ll find out very quickly the amount of cynics in your life – both family, friends and strangers that are saying to themselves, “who the f*ck do you think you are?” – “what makes you so special!?” – “you’ve got A LOT of nerve to have that much ambition in this economy!” – “I’m not materialistic like you, I just trust God.” – “ etc. etc.

Go through life with this type of empowerment and prepared to get slapped!


If your laughing its cause you know what I mean. If you are saying, oh that’s not true…. You are probably who I am talking about.

Yes, I am being partly sarcastic (not really), maybe you’re someone that is genuinely happy to see others “making it happen” and by “making it happen” I’m simply stating that one is excelling in certain areas of life. For the sake of this article we’ll focus on financial success, (since money makes people so emotional). There is another universal truth that comes to play and that is: friends are willing to help you and be happy for you, but they just don’t want to see you go TOO far.

Bullshit you say? Maybe, but think about it. You may be saying to yourself, “they aren’t you’re true friends then!” But I’m letting you know they are.

You see it’s more about THEM then it is about YOU.

Ever get a group picture where your eyes are half closed or you are looking away or simply don’t look your best, while someone else say’s – “great picture!”

Why is that?

It’s because they happen to look great in the photo!

Life works the same way… when others ask you to delete such a group photo – you realize its more about their insecurity than it is about you.

Let’s bring it back to our subject here. You go out there, start a business, join network marketing, decide to lose weight, change your life, etc. and you OWN this desire… you are now “Photoshopping” a group photo that includes you, your family and friends and retouching your individual pose. The more beautiful you make yourself, the less they feel about themselves. And who like to feel less? Nobody.

Why do you think overweight people tend to hang out with other overweight individuals?

"Were all friends until one of us goes on a diet. At that time we'll talk crap on her and hope she fails."


Next time you go out to dinner –have everyone order before you – as they each order Bacon Cheeseburgers and fries and Coke …when it’s YOUR turn … order yourself salad with water and feel that tension. Kind of makes you feel apologetic right? And for what? Wanting to be healthier?

This my friend is a microcosm of life…

It’s a sad truth.

Here’s the kicker of this article… take a look at the opposite.

When we are depressed, have problems, emotional, practice self-pity – WE GET LOVE, ATTENTION and SYMPATHY! Ever wonder why people that have self-esteem issues, they’ve been told great and positive things in their life but they tend to focus on the negative? While the those that have been abandoned, beaten as a child, horrible upbringing that seem to excel in life, inspire and do amazing things!

You are depressed you get attention, you are successful you get ignored and even hated.

WHY? Again it’s more about them than you. The lives of others sometime make you feel better about your life while the lives of some make you feel like you could be doing more. If our feelings are threatened we will fight to protect that. In my life that comes in the form of others waiting for me to fail, saying I am obsessed with success, out of touch, or the main culprit of simply attacking the legitimacy of network marketing due to a negative article found online.

Everyone that is ANYONE who has challenged the direction of their life and has done something about it by massively taking documented and visible action has experienced rejection; externally and of internally from others.

This fear of rejection is very real my friends. “Haters” exist. I’m not saying that it’s easy to deal with, but I want to share that it is more about THEM than it is with YOU.

It’s the inevitable that rejection has kept some of the world’s potentially greatest contributors undiscovered.

Don’t let it be you.

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October 4, 2011

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The State of The Internet Marketing/ Lead Generating “System.”

Of all the questions and inquiries I have received, the consistent concern and allure of Internet Marketing and Lead Generating systems seems to be on the top of many marketers minds. I have patiently watched this up and down trend ever since the genesis of some of the first successful Network Marketers whom have found massive success online. Since then I watched hundreds and thousands of people flock to the Internet and these so-called “systems” in hopes of finding the treasure that is an automated and simple way of building a downline online. Here are my thoughts on this topic – as I uncover and share with YOU the truth about this platform.


Just Keeping It Real,

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July 26, 2011


Video: Let THEM Decide!

Why is it necessary to approach the closet people to you in the beginning of your business? What are the TWO main reasons behind people NOT being happy for you and your success in Network Marketing.

If they hate then let them hate, and watch the money pile up!

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